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POLARIS Office for BlackBerry Dynamics is an enterprise application and not meant for consumer use. This application requires that BlackBerry Dynamics servers are setup in your Company’s IT organization. INFRAWARE does not provide access key for consumer users.
■ About POLARIS Office for BlackBerry!
POLARIS Office for BlackBerry is a Mobile Office application that allows BlackBerry Dynamics users to view/edit Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) documents on Smartphone and Tablet. Users can view/edit text files and view .pdf and .hwp files as well. POLARIS Office’s excellent rendering quality shows all the texts, charts, pictures and etc. of the documents made with Microsoft Office on a PC as the original itself without any losses. And POLARIS Office for BlackBerry provides powerful editing features and an intuitive interface that allows you to edit document easily. Now, you can safely and conveniently view/edit important documents on your Mobile devices.
■ Key Features of POLARIS Office for BlackBerry
View and edit Microsoft Office documents / View .pdf and .hwp files / Support Quick Scroll / Support around 80 types of Smart Arts & 18 types 2D, 3D charts / Provide more than 300 editing features / Useful & various templates for new creation / Slideshow mode / Page transition effects for slide shows / Pointer and drawing for slideshows
■ Advantages of POLARIS Office for BlackBerry
View and edit various document types / Excellent compatibility with Microsoft Office documents / Fast document loading speed / Fabulous Presentation at anytime and anyplace / Powerful security with BlackBerry Dynamics
■ Supported Formats
Edit (doc/docx, xls/xlsx, ppt/pptx, txt) / View (pdf, hwp)

Adding both elements to the Pro version would bring your grand total to a one- time payment of $3. Premium app's $2. Adding even one of those two extra elements would bring the total to $2.

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Adding Fonts To Polaris Office

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