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  1. Cocina Ariston Cx 660
  2. Velbon Cx 660
GENERAL WARNING ........................................... 1
BEFORE PROCEEDING ......................................... 1
GENERAL DESCRIPTION ........................................ 1
REGULATION IN 5 STEPS. ....................................... 1
INSTALLATION AND MOUNTING .................................. 1
WIRING DIAGRAM AND CONNECTIONS ........................... 2
BATTERY BACK UP CONNECTION ................................ 3
USER INTERFACE.............................................. 4
10. FAST ACCESS MENU ........................................... 4
11. MENU FOR MULTIMASTER FUNCTION: SEC ....................... 5
12. COMMISSIONING .............................................. 5
OPERATING MODE ............................................. 6
14. DISPLAY MESSAGES ........................................... 6
15. USE OF THE PROGRAMMING HOT-KEY ........................... 7
16. CONTROLLING LOADS.......................................... 7
17. TECHNICAL DATA .............................................. 8
18. DEFAULT PARAMETER MAP ..................................... 9
This manual is part of the product and should be kept near the instrument for easy
and quick reference.
The instrument shall not be used for purposes different from those described
Check the application limits before proceeding.
Dixell Srl reserves the right to change the composition of its products, even
without notice, ensuring the same and unchanged functionality.
Check the supply voltage is correct before connecting the instrument.
Do not expose to water or moisture: use the controller only within the operating
limits avoiding sudden temperature changes with high atmospheric humidity to
Warning: disconnect all electrical connections before any kind of maintenance.
Fit the probe where it is not accessible by the End User. The instrument must not
In case of failure or faulty operation send the instrument back to the distributor or
to 'Dixell S.r.l.' (see address) with a detailed description of the fault.
Consider the maximum current which can be applied to each relay (see Technical
Ensure that the wires for probes, loads and the power supply are separated and
far enough from each other, without crossing or intertwining.
Look at the SW rel. of XM678D printed on the label of the controller.
If the SW release is 2.8, proceed with this manual otherwise contact Dixell
The XM678D is a microprocessor based controller for multiplexed cabinets suitable for
applications on medium or low temperature. It can be inserted in a proprietary LAN with
up to 8 different sections which can operate, depending on the programming, as stand
alone controllers or following the commands coming from the other sections. The
XM678D is provided with 6 relay outputs to control the solenoid valve, defrost - which
can be either electrical or hot gas - the evaporator fans, the lights, an auxiliary output
and an alarm output and with the stepper valve driver. The device is also equipped
with six probe inputs: for temperature control, for control the defrost end temperature,
for display and the fourth can be used for application with virtual probe or for inlet/outlet
air temperature measurement. Moreover, fifth and sixth probe are used to evaluate and
control the superheat. Finally, the XM678D is equipped with the three digital inputs
The device is equipped with the HOT-KEY connector that permits to be programmed
in a simple way. The optional direct serial output RS485 (ModBUS compatible) permits
a simple XWEB interfacing. RTC is available as options. The HOT-KEY connector can
be used to connect X-REP display (Depending on the model).
After wiring the XM678D, configure the type of valve, bipolar or unipolar, via
tEP (Default tEP =0) parameters or through the manual settings. See par. 6.3 for
NOTE: for Alco EX4, EX5, EX6 tEP = 11
Set the proper gas via Fty parameter, among the following
r290 – Propane
r744 - Co2
Regulation and evaporator probe are preset as NTC. If another kind of
sensors is used, set it via P1c and P2c parameters.
Superheat evaporator outlet probe is pre-set as Pt1000, if another kind
The PP11 (-0.5÷11bar) is pre-set as pressure probe. It operates at relative
If you're using a ratiometric transducer, set P5c = 0-5, then use parameters
NOTE: check the pressure gauge reading with the value of dPP, press the
UP arrow once to enter the Fast Access Menu. If ok, proceed; otherwise
solve the situation before proceeding acting on par. Pru, PA4 and P20.
Set the parameters for self adaptive regulation of superheat
NOTE: the parameters Pb (regulation band) and Int (integral time) are
Set CrE = no, this disable the continuos regulation of the temperature.
Set SSH, superheating setpoint: a value between 4 and 8
Set AMS = y to start the self adaptive regulation. Default is AMS = y
Set ATU = y to start the search of the lowest stable superheat. Default is

Cocina Ariston Cx 660

ATU = y. This function reduces automatically the setpoint in order to
optimize the use of the evaporator, keeping, at the same time, the
superheating regulation stable. The minimum allowed SH set point is
Set LSH, low superheating limit: a value between 2-4 is acceptable.
Set SUb, pressure filter: Default is SUb = 10. The value can be increased
up to 20 in case of too fast response of the pressure variations.
Set the parameters for the temperature regulation
Set the temperature setpoint. Default is -5°C
Set the differential HY: Default is 2°C.
If the capacity of the valve is higher than requested, it can be reduced by
the par. MNF (Default is 100). A proper setting of MnF will reduce the time
MNF value doesn't affect the band witdh
This device can operate without any user interface, but normal application is with Dixell
Figure 1a
The CX660 keyboard shall
in a 29x71 mm hole, and fixed
supplied as shown in fig.
allowed for correct operation
subject to strong vibrations,
dirt or humidity.
The same recommendations
circulate by the cooling holes.


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Summary of Contents for Emerson XM678D

  • Page 1 The dirt or humidity. XM678D is provided with 6 relay outputs to control the solenoid valve, defrost - which Figure 1a Figure 1b The same recommendations can be either electrical or hot gas - the evaporator fans, the lights, an auxiliary output apply to probes.
  • Page 2 A twisted shielded cable with the the above specification is suggested. Don’t connect the shield to any ground, live it floating. 6.4 WIRING CONNECTION OF EMERSON EX3 VALVE The max distance between an XM controller and a valve must not exceed 10 m.
  • Page 3 = Err  the local transducer read a wrong value, the pressure is out of the bounds of the pressure transducer or the P5C parameter is wrong. Check all XM678D is able to drive a wide range of stepper valves, on the following table are these options and eventually change the transducer;..
  • Page 4 7.2 EMERSON ECP-024 CONNECTION The device provide 2 programming levels: Pr1 with direct access and Pr2 protected The Emerson ECP-024 rechargeable accumulator can be connected to the XM678D with a password (intended for experts). to close the stepper valve in case of power interruption.
  • Page 5 [5] Use the following parameters to setup the right valve driving, according to the valve Press for 3 seconds, the rtC or other will be BEGIN datasheet from the manufacturer. showed. The measurement unit blinks. 1592023140 XM678D GB r2.8 01.09.2017.docx XM678D..
  • Page 6 SEC menu and select LOC of the parameter CrE: on/off or continuous. See below in details.Standard temperature not working or not present entry. regulation Keyboard is unlocked Keyboard is locked 1592023140 XM678D GB r2.8 01.09.2017.docx XM678D..
  • Page 7 HOT-KEY to abort the operation. CONTROL WITH ANALOG OUTPUT (if present) 15.2 UPLOAD (FROM THE INSTRUMENT TO THE HOT-KEY) When the XM unit is ON, insert the HOT-KEY and push “UP” key 1592023140 XM678D GB r2.8 01.09.2017.docx XM678D..
  • Page 8 17. TECHNICAL DATA CX660 keyboard Housing: self extinguishing ABS Case: CX660 fascia 35x77 mm; depth 18mm Mounting: panel mounting in a 29x71 mm panel cut-out Protection: IP20 1592023140 XM678D GB r2.8 01.09.2017.docx XM678D..
  • Page 9 Set the duration of the light on time on holidays. Holidays Sixth defrost start. 0.0 to 24h00min (144) Format: hours.10min, resolution: 10min. By pressing SET you can enter electronic expansion valve ELECTRONIC VALVE submenu. 1592023140 XM678D GB r2.8 01.09.2017.docx XM678D..
  • Page 10 [LSH to 80.0°C] If superheat value exceeds MSH value, the display will show the 60.0 Maximum superheat alarm threshold. MSH message until delay time SHd will expire. [LSH to 144°F] 1592023140 XM678D GB r2.8 01.09.2017.docx XM678D..
  • Page 11 Ab(1) PrU value is used for all the pressure parameters. If [PrU = rE] all pressure parameters are in relative pressure unit, if [PrU = Ab] all pressure parameters are in absolute pressure unit. 1592023140 XM678D GB r2.8 01.09.2017.docx XM678D..
  • Page 12 [1°F to 45°F] value of temperature. n = fan follows FnC setting during defrost without temperature control Fan thermostat also during defrost n; Y y = fan follows FnC setting during defrost with FSt temperature control 1592023140 XM678D GB r2.8 01.09.2017.docx XM678D..
  • Page 13 FAn = Fan; ALr = Alarm; LiG = Light; AUS = auxiliary; Relay on terminals 17-18 configuration FAn; ALr; LiG; db = heater for neutral zone (not available with CrE = Y); AUS; db; onF; AC onF = ON/OFF; AC = anti-sweet.; E3r: Not set 1592023140 XM678D GB r2.8 01.09.2017.docx XM678D..
  • Page 14 = the set-point value is modified only in the local section; LAN Display Synchronization n; Y Y = the value displayed by the section is sent to all the other (temperature sent via LAN). sections. 1592023140 XM678D GB r2.8 01.09.2017.docx XM678D..
  • Page 15 Microprocessor firmware release. - - - Parameter table. (read only) It shows the original code of the Dixell parameter map. - - - Pr2 menu access. (read only) Access to the protected parameter list. 1592023140 XM678D GB r2.8 01.09.2017.docx XM678D..
Model Universal-XR is a 71x29 mm format microprocessor based controller, suitable for applications on high, medium or
low temperature refrigeration units. It is provided with three relay outputs to control compressor, defrost - which can be both
electrical or hot gas - and evaporator fans. It can work with PTC or NTC probes. Where defrost is being terminated by time,
it can operate with just one thermostat probe. Where defrost is being terminated by temperature, it has an input for an
The Universal-XR is equipped with a flashing visual alarm and buzzer.
Each instrument is fully configurable through special parameters that can be easily programmed through the keypad.

Velbon Cx 660

2. QUICK START UP PROCEDURE – Up and running in 5 easy steps
This Quick Start Up section is designed to get you up and running with the minimum of fuss. Just follow these 5 simple steps.
1. All probes must be of the same type, either PTC or NTC.
2. Probes must be at between --58 to 140°F for auto recognition to work;
3. If 1 minute expires before you have completed quick set up, either cycle the power OFF then ON to start the set up again or
enter Pr2 as per the instructions and adjust your parameter settings manually (see Section 9).
Installation and Operating Instructions
Install the new Universal-XR per the installation instructions included with the controller.
Press the 'SET' and 'DOWN' key for 3 seconds and the controller will automatically recognise and
adjust itself to the type of probes connected. (The display briefly shows tPd followed by ntC or PtC).
Press the 'AUX/tC' key for 3 seconds and the setting of parameter tC is displayed. Use the UP or
DOWN keys to adjust to required setting then confirm by pressing SET (see table 1 below).
Press SET for 3 seconds until the °C or °F icon starts to flash, then adjust the SET POINT using the UP


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Summary of Contents for dixell UNIVERSAL XR60CX

  • Page 1 Installation and Operating Instructions UNIVERSAL–XR60CX 1. GENERAL DESCRIPTION Model Universal-XR is a 71x29 mm format microprocessor based controller, suitable for applications on high, medium or low temperature refrigeration units. It is provided with three relay outputs to control compressor, defrost - which can be both electrical or hot gas - and evaporator fans.
  • Page 2 Installation and Operating Instructions Table 1: parameter “tC” settings Parameter Required Type of Control Models Replaced probes On / Off thermostat – Heating XR110C, XR01CX, XR10C, XR10CX Off cycle defrost (timed) XR120C, XR02CX, XR20C, XR20CX Off Cycle defrost time initiated / temperature terminated XR120C, XR02CX, XR20C-E Off Cycle defrost time initiated / temperature terminated, Alarm XR130C, XR03CX, XR30CX..
  • Page 3 Installation and Operating Instructions 4. PARAMETER TABLE and factory default settings IMPORTANT: Always set parameter “tC” first. As you move “tC” between settings 1 to 7, all non-relevant parameters will be masked. After setting “tC”, it will be possible to modify all the other relevant parameters. Once the program is completed you may want to save the parameter map to a Hot Key.
  • Page 4 Installation and Operating Instructions Description Label Adjustment Range Maximum duration of defrost 0 to 255 min (second evaporator) Defrost termination temperature (second 8.0°C 8.0°C -55 to 50C; evaporator) 46°F 46°F -67 to 122°F Rt (0) = Real temp. it (1) = Temp. at defrost start Display during defrost sEt (2) = Set Point dEF (3) = “DEF”..
  • Page 5 Installation and Operating Instructions Description Label Adjustment Range No (0) = No change FAn (1) = Fan off Door open – compressor / fan status CPr (2) = Compressor off F_C (3) = Compressor & Fan off Alr (0) = Alarm; db (1) = Dead Band;..
  • Page 6 Installation and Operating Instructions 5. PARAMETERS, FUNCTIONS IN DETAIL Table 4: controller parameters in detail Display visualisation Description Type of Controller: tells the Universal-XR which type of controller it will be operating as. 1 = on/off Heating thermostat – 1 relay & 1 probe; 2 = Combined thermostat with off cycle defrost timer –..
  • Page 7 Installation and Operating Instructions Delay start of defrost: (0 to 255min) delay between reaching the defrost interval time (as defined by parameter idF) and when a defrost cycle actually starts. Used to stagger defrosts between multiple systems. Probe Selection for first defrost cycle (Maximum) duration of defrost: (0 to 255min) time duration of a defrost cycle when only one probe is in use, or defrost time out override when second (evaporator) probe is in use.
  • Page 8 Installation and Operating Instructions Third probe presence (probe named Evap.2 on the label): 0= n = not present, the third input (the one signed with label “D.I. / Pb3”) Input operates as digital input; 1= Y = present, the third input (the one signed with label “D.I. / Pb3”) Input operates as third probe. Third probe calibration: (-12.0 to 12.0°C or -21 to 21°F) adjustment for third probe offset.
  • Page 9 Installation and Operating Instructions Regulation restart with door open alarm: 0= n = no; 1= Y = yes, regulation will restart after “door open” alarms. Probe selection for Condenser Alarm : 0= nP=No Probe selected 1= P1=Probe 1 2= P2=Probe 2 3= P3=Probe3 *normally P3 would be used* Low temperature alarm of condenser: (-55 to 150°C or -67 to 302°F) when this temperature is reached, the HA2 alarm will be raised (after the Ad2 delay time has expired).
  • Page 10 Installation and Operating Instructions 6. BUTTONS AND THEIR FUNCTIONS 6.1 SINGLE BUTTON FUNCTIONS Table 5: single button functions BUTTON FUNCTION Type Controller menu: keep this button pressed for at least 3 sec within 1 min after power on to enter the “Type Controller Menu” (tC). AUX output control: Switches the AUX relay output (if enabled as such).
  • Page 11 Installation and Operating Instructions NOTE: the “Err” message is displayed for failed programming. In this case push o key again if you want to restart the upload or remove the “Hot key” to abort the operation. 8.2 HOW TO PROGRAM AN INSTRUMENT USING A HOT KEY (DOWNLOAD) Turn OFF the instrument.
  • Page 12 14. COMMUNICATIONS WITH XWEB or OTHER MONITORING SYSTEMS Using the XJ485CX-00000 it is possible to network the Universal XR60CX to the XWEB monitoring systems, or a third-party system. The controller has TTL communications that can be converted with the XJ485CX key. The key is connected to the control via the HOT KEY port, with a small 5 wire cable.
  • Page 13 15.2 ALARM “EE” The Dixell Universal-XR is provided with an internal watchdog verifying data and memory integrity. Alarm “EE” will flash after detecting a failure in data or in the internal memory. In this case, the alarm output is enabled.
  • Page 14 Installation and Operating Instructions 21. TROUBLESHOOTING Problem Possible reason Notes • Check cooling system. • Display flashing HA Temperature too high. • Check alarm settings. • Check cooling system. • Display flashing LA Temperature too low. • Check alarm settings. •..
  • Page 15 Installation and Operating Instructions Differential Minimum set point value Maximum set point value Anti-short cycle delay Second compressor start delay Probe selection for temperature alarms Temperature alarm configuration High temperature alarm Low temperature alarm Differential for temperature alarm recovery Temperature alarm delay Delay before activating a temperature alarm at start up Delay before activating outputs at start up..
  • Page 16 Installation and Operating Instructions Thermostat probe calibration Evaporator probe presence Evaporator probe calibration Third probe presence Third probe calibration Display resolution Temperature measurement unit Display visualization Delay before updating the displayed temperature 0.00 Kind of action: heating or cooling Compressor ON time with faulty probe Compressor OFF time with faulty probe Alarm output disabling by pushing any button Digital input 2 configuration..
  • Page 17 Installation and Operating Instructions 905 Waverly Ave. Holtsville, NY 11742 (631)207-1200 f (631)207-0900 www.weissinstruments.com sales@weissinstruments.com Universal-XR 17/17 UXR01212015_REV1.4mm..
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