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I have been monitoring write activity to the following file.

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Apr 04, 2008  I've disabled both Readyboost and Superfetch, but I'm still seeing the Windows Prefetch files being accessed, specifically readyboot.etl. ReadyBoot C: WINDOWS Prefetch ReadyBoot ReadyBoot.etl.

Since I have Windows 7 installed on an SSD, that there would not be any readyboost activity.

Apr 03, 2014  The problem, in my case, was that Readyboot needed more than the default 20MB size of the ReadyBoot.etl file to complete, By increasing the ReadyBoot.etl file size to 128MB I was able to see that it required 27MB to complete.

Why is that file being written to? I thought these sort of services were disabled automatically.

EDIT: There is no ReadyBoost service I can see. Cannibal ox the cold vein zip.

C /windows/prefetch/readyboot/readyboot.etl


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There is a difference between ReadyBoost and ReadyBoot.

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On systems with more than 700MB of RAM, ReadyBoot uses data from 5 previous boots to create a plan for a boot-time memory cache. Similar to Windows XP prefetcher, it will try to preload files into RAM before they are needed. All memory used by ReadyBoot is automatically released 90 seconds after booting up, or immediately if another service needs it, so it doesn't have negative performance consequences.

In other words, on an SSD system, ReadyBoot may not improve boot times by a lot, but it will utilize your fast RAM for what it's good for: serving as a fast cache for the disk. And even the fastest SDDs are still slower than RAM memory - disabling it would still make your booting slightly slower.

Readyboot File

ReadyBoost, on the other hand, is mainly related to utilizing flash memory (USB sticks) for the swap file. In this case, an SSD wins performance-wise, and there is no point in using a slower USB flash drive for caching, so Windows 7 automatically disables it.

What Is Readyboot


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