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Ford Ids Software Subscription

  • Detroit 3 and UAW could create healthcare pool

    Healthcare costs continue to multiply in the US with no clear end in sight, but the United Auto Workers and the Big Three are negotiating a way to rapid growth under control. As part of the latest contract talks, the union has an idea to create a healthcare pool across all of its members at Ford, General Motors, and FCA US. If accepted, the company-wide integration would spread out the expenses

  • Ford recalls 9,900 vehicles across two campaigns

    Ford is recalling a total of 9,885 vehicles in two campaigns. The Basics: In one recall, Ford will recall 9,017 examples of the 2013 Escape with build dates from January 11, 2012, to April 1, 2013, and the 2013-2014 Focus ST produced between May 3, 2012, and October 14, 2013. The Problem: Splices in the engine wiring harness might not have enough compression, and this can cause the manifold

  • This Ford F-150 might have a Land Rover turbodiesel V6

    Our spy photographers just caught this Ford F-150 driving around Dearborn, wearing camouflage around the bed – not so unusual near Ford's headquarters. What's interesting with this particular mule is that it might be packing a Jaguar-Land Rover turbodiesel V6. As with the Super Duty, the F-150 prototype pictured here sports a Venturi exhaust tip popping out the side of the rear bumper behind the

  • Pony-car sales war: Mustang vs. Camaro vs. Challenger [UPDATE]

    Update: An earlier version of this story misstated the 2015 Mustang's weight when compared with previous models. Additionally, we have added comments from Chevrolet in the text. The Ford Mustang has blown past the Chevy Camaro as America's best-selling pony car, and in June, it wasn't even close. The 'Stang outsold the Camaro 11,719 to 8,611 cars. The Camaro remained ahead of the Dodge

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