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Forth pabx service manual. Multi Agent Systems An fe server pool, lost appeal, PABX switchboard DISA activation function only be activated information. Nov 23, 2017 - Forth Pabx Service Manual' title='Forth Pabx Service Manual' /> Forth Pabx Service Manual PABX User Manual.

Advanced Reflexes
Advanced Reflexes Alcatel User Guide


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Summary of Contents for Alcatel Alcatel 4400

  • Page 1 Alcatel 4400 Advanced Reflexes User Guide Advanced Reflexes Alcatel User Guide..
  • Page 2 The Alcatel 4400 PABX System provides you with an extensive range of features that will contribute to better efficiency around the office. This user guide will help you take full advantage of these features. These instructions only refer to Advanced digital telephones.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Feature codes ..1 Main feature codes..1 Feature codes used during a call..1 General description..2 The Programmable Keys..2 The icons ..3 The Display ..4 Display Keys and the Navigator..4 Additional optional equipment..5 Telephone layout ..6 Making a call ..7 Making an External Call ..7 Redial ..7 Making an Internal Call ..7 Calling the QUT Information ..7..
  • Page 4 Transferring a Call..11 Making a Back and Forth (Broker) Enquiry Call ..12 Making a Conference Call..12 Receiving a Call..12 Call Parking..13 Call Pick Up ..13 Forwarding Calls..13 To place an immediate forward on your extension: ..14 To place a forward on busy on your extension: ..14 To place a forward on no reply on your extension: ..14 To place a forward on busy or no reply on your extension: ..14..
  • Page 5 Reading Text Mail ..20 Making an Intercom Intrusion ..21 Customising your extension ..21 User Customisation..21 Programming the Melody ..22 Programming the Keys..22 Personal Memory Keys ..23 Function Keys..23 Programming the Contrast ..26 Programming the Password..26 Programming the Associated Number..26 Programming the Intercom List..27 Checking the Identity of the Extension..27 Consulting the Keys..27 Multiline functions ..28..
  • Page 6 Exec Mail Key ..34 Screened Calls ..35 Absent key ..35 Overflow Secretary Extension ..36 Manager key ..36 Absent secretary key ..37 Glossary ..39 Alcatel User Guide Advanced..
  • Page 7: Feature Codes

    Feature codes Main feature codes Function Voice mail access Outside line QUT Information Cancel an automatic call back Call back last internal caller Call park/retrieve Direct call pick up Group call pick up Immediate forward Forward on busy Forward on no reply Forward on busy/no reply Cancel forwarding “Follow me”..
  • Page 8: General Description

    General description Your Alcatel Advanced extension is made up of 5 distinct zones: The Fixed Keys - By using one of these keys you may access the most commonly used functions. Mute Loudspeaker Handsfree Release Increase Decrease The Programmable Keys Your extension has 19 keys which are programmable either by you or by your installer.
  • Page 9: The Icons

    To program the keys on your extension to suit your individual needs consult the section “customising your extension”. There are also 5 pre-programmed keys which allow you to • Temporarily store a number • Access mail services • Automatically redial the last number dialled •..
  • Page 10: The Display

    legend: Segment Segment flashing unlit The Display Your Alcatel Advanced extension has a 2 line display, which acts as your permanent guide. Each of the two lines on the display may continue on to two or more pages. The presence of another page is indicated by the symbol at the right hand side of the display.
  • Page 11: Additional Optional Equipment

    activate the required action by pressing the corresponding display key. After a few seconds, the lower line automatically becomes active again. Additional optional equipment Your extension is equipped with an alphabetic keypad, which is used for mail service functions, the Call By Name function and for programming on the extension.
  • Page 12: Telephone Layout

    Telephone layout 1. The display 2. The soft keys 4. The fixed keys 5. The icons - 6 - 09/01/96 12:30 3. The programmable keys -Alcatel User Guide Advanced..
  • Page 13: Making A Call

    Making a call Making an External Call + External Number Alternatively, instead of 0, you can press a line key for an outside line (if your extension is multiline). Redial To automatically redial the last number dialled: Redial Making an Internal Call Extension Number Calling the QUT Information Calling by Name..
  • Page 14: Dialling A Personal Memory Number

    If the characters entered corresponds to a surname followed by a first name: Name&F To cancel the operation and quit: Cancel Once the relevant search has been carried out, the display will show the first name found. If more than one possible name matches the characters entered, the display indicates that there are further names (i.e.
  • Page 15: Leaving A Call Back Request

    numbers available to you. Note: When using the system memory to call an external number, you do not need to dial 0 for an outside line. Leaving a Call Back Request If there is no reply when you call, you may ask to be called back.
  • Page 16: Consulting A Waiting Call

    The extension called will be informed by an audible beep that you are waiting. As soon as the line you are calling is free, your call will be put straight through. Consulting a Waiting Call If you are on the phone and a second person is trying to call you, you will hear a beep.
  • Page 17: Making An Enquiry Call

    To directly dial the extension number: CallBk Making an Enquiry Call While you are on a call you may call a second person to make an enquiry. Enquir Dial the second number, either internal or external, required. Your second call will immediately go through, and your first caller will automatically be placed on hold.
  • Page 18: Making A Back And Forth (broker) Enquiry Call

    Making a Back and Forth (Broker) Enquiry Call After you have made an enquiry call, you may talk alternately with each party. To alternate between callers: Broker On a single line terminal, you will now be talking to the person whose identity is shown on the left of the display screen.
  • Page 19: Call Parking

    Call parking allows you to disconnect from an external call and be reconnected later, either at your own extension or at another extension. During the call: Park The call will automatically be placed on hold. To retrieve a parked call: If the call is not retrieved within a set time (normally two minutes) it will revert to the switchboard.
  • Page 20: To Place An Immediate Forward On Your Extension

    To place an immediate forward on your extension: To place a forward on busy on your extension: To place a forward on no reply on your extension: To place a forward on busy or no reply on your extension: Cancelling Call Forwarding To cancel all call forwarding: “Follow Me”..
  • Page 21: To Activate 'follow Me' Forwarding

    To activate “follow me” forwarding: the destination extension number + your own extension number Cancelling “Follow Me” Forwarding To cancel “follow me” forwarding from the destination extension: To cancel “follow me” forwarding from your own extension: Call Forward on Ringing This feature enables you to forward a call while your extension is ringing (without answering the call).
  • Page 22: Meet-me Conference

    You will still receive calls to your own extension number. To re-enter the hunting group: Meet-Me Conference Up to 29 participants may speak in a telephone conference. The conference must include 1 internal participant. To join in a Meet-Me Conference: The pre-arranged four digit code is assigned to the conference by the conference initiator.
  • Page 23: Advanced Programming Features

    Advanced programming features These features should only be implemented with the knowledge of your system administrator. Call Forwarding to an External Number To cancel: Note: You may only forward to an external number immediately or on no reply. Check with the system administrator before activating this feature.
  • Page 24: Sending Text Mail

    Once you have dialled an external number, your display will appear as follows: Whilst in conversation: DTMF To return to normal, hang up or press the release key. Sending Text Mail You may send a written message (up to 127 characters) to another extension with a similar type telephone.
  • Page 25 Advanced Reflexes Alcatel User Guide - 19 -..
  • Page 26: Reading Text Mail

    Once you have selected the list you require: Next to scroll through the list Valid to send the message Reading Text Mail If you have been sent text mail, the LED on the extension lights up and flashes in green. The presence of mail is also indicated by the icon next to the Mail key.
  • Page 27: Making An Intercom Intrusion

    You will now be able to make an announcement over the loudspeaker of the required extension. Customising your extension By customising your Alcatel 4400 extension you may adapt specific functions to suit your daily needs. Programming the keys allows you to access some of the functions directly without the need to enter feature codes.
  • Page 28: Programming The Melody

    functioning You will then have access to the following options: Melody: to select the ringing tone and volume of the extension; Keys: to programme the keys; Displ: to adjust the level of contrast of the display; Passwd: to programme the four digit personal password for your extension.
  • Page 29: Personal Memory Keys

    Personal Memory Keys You programme personal memory keys with your own choice of numbers for direct dialling. To enter programming mode: Then, to programme keys as part of your personal memory: Keys Select the key to be programmed. Enter the number to be memorised. Note: For external numbers, remember to enter the line number e.g.
  • Page 30 To scroll through the groups of functions: Next Once you have found the appropriate group: Apply Select the desired function from this group and: Apply The following lists provide details of the features available. Group 1 - Forwarding services: Immed⎜: Unconditional call forwarding;..
  • Page 31 Assoc: call associate extension; OvFlow: overflow to associate; OvFlOf: cancel associated overflow. Group 5 - Consultation & Callback: Last ca: call back last caller; Charge: charging information; V Mail: access to voice mail. Group 6 - Appointment reminder: Temp: set temporary appointment; TempOf: cancel appointment reminder.
  • Page 32: Programming The Contrast

    Programming the Contrast Displ To adjust the contrast on your display, choose from the four available levels. Programming the Password Passwd Then enter your current password (the default value is 0000). The display will ask you to enter your new password. You will then be asked to enter it for a second time for verification.
  • Page 33: Programming The Intercom List

    associate extension. Programming the Intercom List ← → The intercom list is a list of up to ten users who may access your extension in intercom mode. To modify this list: Your display will ask you to enter the number you wish to add to the list.
  • Page 34: Multiline Functions

    Multiline functions Multiline operation is an optional feature of the 4400 system. It means that you have more than one line on your extension. Several of the programmable keys may be used as line keys, to make and receive calls. One option allows you to have more than one number which may be used to call your extension.
  • Page 35: Manager Extension

    then the line key of the call you are reconnecting to. Manager Extension In addition to the standard features available on your Alcatel 4400 extension, you will have extra keys programmed specifically for manager/secretary working : Secretary key This key allows you to make or take a direct call to your secretary.
  • Page 36: Screening Keys

    Screening Keys These keys allow you to use a screening feature on your incoming calls. Each of the keys is linked to a list (or “table”) of numbers. Note: The screening tables are defined by the system manager. Screened The SCREENED table allows only callers listed in the table to directly call the Manager extension.
  • Page 37: Exec Mail

    screening key, press the appropriate Secretary key. To confirm your selection: Exec Mail This feature allows your secretary to send a short mail message directly onto your display. A message may be sent when your extension is free or when you are in conversation. You do not need to be interrupted during a call and if your extension is free, you do not need to lift the receiver.
  • Page 38 Note: This mail function is only available between two 4035 extensions. - 32 - -Alcatel User Guide Advanced..
  • Page 39: Screening Supervision

    If your extension has a Supervision key, you may supervise the call being screened once it rings on the Secretary extension. When a screened call arrives on the Secretary extension, it is signalled on your display and by the icon for the Supervision key.
  • Page 40: Manager Key

    In addition to the standard features available on your Alcatel 4400 extension, you will have certain extra keys at your disposal: Manager key This key allows you to make a direct call to (or to receive a call from) your manager. When you press the Manager key your call is signalled on the Secretary key of the Manager extension.
  • Page 41: Screened Calls

    To exit mail mode: Note: This mail function is only available between two 4035 extensions. Screened Calls If your manager has activated a screening key, you will receive certain calls. Your display will show that the call has been forwarded from your managers extension. Your manager may take up the call at this point by pressing the Supervision key.
  • Page 42: Overflow Secretary Extension

    The icon associated with the Absent key signal as follows: • Manager has activated screening • You have activated your Absent When you activate or deactivate the Absent key, to confirm your action: If there is an Overflow secretary extension, when the secretary is absent, the calls will be received at that extension.
  • Page 43: Absent Secretary Key

    supervise the status of the Manager extension. • Overflow function not activated • Official secretary absent, overflow activated, manager station free/ringing • Manager calling • Manager busy • The manager has activated screening If you are working with several managers, a different key will need to be allocated to each manager.
  • Page 44 - 38 - -Alcatel User Guide Advanced..
  • Page 45: Glossary

    Glossary Associated extension If your extension is linked to another extension on the system, this extension is known as your associated extension. Back and forth If you have two calls in progress on your extension you may ‘shuttle’ between the two, talking to each one, without the other being able to hear.
  • Page 46 Conference call This allows three callers to carry out a conversation together. DTMF Dual Tone Multi Frequency - a method of sending signals over a telephone link. Each digit dialled represents a combination of tones. Enquiry call During a call you may call a second person. As soon as you dial the second number, the first call is automatically put on hold.
  • Page 47 Line Key A key which access to a telephone line Multiline operation This optional feature allows you to have several lines on your extension. You may therefore deal with several calls at the same time. Paging If you dial an extension and receive no response, it may be possible to contact the user via a pager.
  • Page 48 Notes - 42 - -Alcatel User Guide Advanced..
  • Page 49 Advanced Reflexes Alcatel User Guide - 43 -..

Manuals and User Guides for Panasonic KX-NS500. We have 9 Panasonic KX-NS500 manuals available for free PDF download: Pc Programming Manual, Features Manual, User Manual, Installation Manual, Sales Manual, Programming Manual, Getting Started

Panasonic KX-NS500 Pc Programming Manual (1064 pages)

Brand: Panasonic Category: PBX Size: 6.5 MB
Table of contents
Entering Characters17
PC Programming Using Off-line Mode25
Editing And Printing Terminal Labels In Off-line Mode30
Logging In To Web Maintenance Console37
Card Status39
Web Maintenance Console Home Screen51
Status—Equipment Status—CS Information59
Status—Equipment Status—UM Port Status61
System Control63
System Control—Program Update—Download Program File65
System Control—Program Update—Update Program File67
System Control—MOH69
System Control—MOH—Status / Backup71
System Control—System Shutdown73
Tool—System Data Backup76
Tool—NDSS Link Data Clear78
Tool—Extension List View80
Tool—UM Data Backup88
Tool—UM Data Backup—Scheduled Backup90
Tool—UM Backup History93
Tool—Contact Information95
Tool—URL Information97
Utility—File—File Transfer PBX To PC103
Utility—File—File Delete105
Utility—File—Message File Transfer PBX To PC107
Utility—Log—UM System Log112
Utility—Monitor/Trace—V-SIPGW Protocol Trace116
Utility—Monitor/Trace—UM System Trace (Internal)118
Utility—Monitor/Trace—E1 Signalling Bit Monitor119
Utility—Report—IP Extension Statistical Information122
Utility—Report—E-mail Report126
Utility—Email Notification128
Utility—Email Notification—Test Email130
Utility—UM – System Prompts Customisation132
Utility—Automatic Two-way Recording—Extension Setting135
Utility—Automatic Two-way Recording—Extension Setting List136
Utility—Automatic Two-way Recording—Maintenance139
Utility—CS-Web Connection141
Users—User Profiles144
Users—Add User151
Users—Automatic Two-way Recording156
Users—ICDG Management158
PBX Configuration—[1] Configuration169
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—System Property176
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—System Property—Site188
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—System Property—Slot Summary219
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—System Property—NSVM222
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—Activation Key Status229
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—VoIP Property232
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—VoIP Property—VoIP (Trunk Setting235
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—UM Card Property239
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—UM Port Property242
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—Port Property—Port Type View243
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—V-SIPGW—Shelf Property244
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—V-SIPGW—Card Property250
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—V-SIPGW—Port Property251
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—V-IPGW—Shelf Property280
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—V-IPGW—Shelf Property—GK Settings294
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—V-IPGW—Shelf Property—Hunt Pattern295
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—V-IPGW—Port Property296
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—V-IPEXT—Card Property298
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—V-IPEXT—Port Property303
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—V-SIPEXT—Card Property314
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—V-SIPEXT—Port Property316
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—V-IPCS—Card Property326
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—V-IPCS—Port Property330
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—V-UTEXT—Card Property335
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—V-UTEXT—Port Property338
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—Extension—Card Property349
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—Extension—Port Property353
Parallel Telephone Ringing354
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—Card Property - LCO Type358

Service Manual Free Download

PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—Port Property - LCO Port366
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—Card Property - PRI Type370
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—Port Property - PRI Port379
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—Card Property—E1 Type390
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—Card Property—E1 Type Line Signal Setting393
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—Card Property—E1 Type MFC-R2 Setting 1397
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—Card Property—E1 Type MFC-R2 Setting 2401
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—Port Property—E1 Port406
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—Expansion Unit1/Expansion Unit2 Expansion Unit3411
PBX Configuration—[1-1] Configuration—Slot—DOORPHONE Card—Card Property413
PBX Configuration—[1-2] Configuration—Portable Station415
PBX Configuration—[1-4] Configuration—Clock Priority420
PBX Configuration—[1-5] Configuration—DSP Resource421
PBX Configuration—[1-5-1] Configuration—DSP Resource—Setting—DSP Resource Advisor425
PBX Configuration—[1-5-2] Configuration—DSP Resource—Usage426
PBX Configuration—[2-1] System—Date & Time428
PBX Configuration—[2-1-2] System—Date & Time—SNTP / Daylight Saving429
PBX Configuration—[2-1-2] System—Date & Time—SNTP / Daylight Saving—Daylight Saving431
PBX Configuration—[2-3] System—Timers & Counters435
PBX Configuration—[2-5] System—Holiday Table457
Trunk Group Access462
Group Paging464
Directed Call Pickup466
Automatic Callback Busy Cancel467
Door Open470
Manual Call Waiting For Extension Call478
Incoming Call Queue Monitor479
Busy Out Cancel485
Other Pbx Extension486
PBX Configuration—[2-6-2] System—Numbering Plan—Quick Dial489
PBX Configuration—[2-6-3] System—Numbering Plan—B/NA DND Call Feature490
PBX Configuration—[2-7] System—Class Of Service493
Account Code Mode496
Executive Busy Override500
Door Unlock505
PBX Configuration—[2-7-2] System—Class Of Service—External Call Block510
PBX Configuration—[2-7-3] System—Class Of Service—Internal Call Block511
PBX Configuration—[2-8] System—Ring Tone Patterns512
PBX Configuration—[2-8-2] System—Ring Tone Patterns—Call From DOORPHONE513
PBX Configuration—[2-8-3] System—Ring Tone Patterns—Call From Others514
PBX Configuration—[2-10] System—Extension CID Settings545
PBX Configuration—[2-11] System—Audio Gain549
PBX Configuration—[2-11-2] System—Audio Gain—Card551


Panasonic KX-NS500 Pc Programming Manual (938 pages)

Brand: Panasonic Category: PBX Size: 5.35 MB
Table of contents
For Your Safety14
PC Programming21
PC Programming Using Off-line Mode25
Editing And Printing Terminal Labels In Off-line Mode30
Access Levels34
Easy Setup Wizard39
Extension Number Setting41
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)43
Home Screen52
Status-Equipment Status58
Status-Equipment Status-CS Information59
Status-Equipment Status-UM Port Status61
System Control63
System Control-Program Update-Download Program File66
System Control-Program Update-Update Program File68
System Control-MOH71
System Control-MOH-Delete72
System Control-System Reset74
Tool-System Data Backup-Backup To USB78
Tool-BRI Automatic Configuration80
Tool-Call Pickup For My Group82
Tool-Screen Customise90
Tool-UM Data Backup-Manual Backup92
Tool-UM Data Restore94
Tool-DXDP All OUS97
Tool-UT Option Setting99
Tool-SVM (Simplified Voice Message)101
Tool-SVM (Simplified Voice Message)-Delete All Recording101
Tool-SVM (Simplified Voice Message)-Check Current Usage101
Utility-File-File Transfer PC To PBX106
Utility-File-File View108
Utility-File-Message File Transfer PC To PBX110
Utility-Log-UM System Log117
Utility-Monitor/Trace-V-IPGW Protocol Trace120
Utility-Monitor/Trace-CS Status Monitor-Air Sync Group122
Utility-Monitor/Trace-CS Status Monitor-LAN Sync Group123
Utility-Monitor/Trace-UM System Trace (Internal)125
Utility-Monitor/Trace-E1 Signalling Bit Monitor126
Utility-Monitor/Trace-TCP Trace128
Utility-Report-Digital Trunk Error Report129
Utility-Report-IP Extension Statistical Information130
Utility-Report-E-mail Report134
Utility-Report-IP-CS Information-IP-CS Statistical Information135
Utility-Report-IP-CS Information-LAN Sync Information136
Utility-Report-IP-CS Information-PS Call Disconnect Log139
Utility-Email Notification141
Utility-Email Notification-System Analysis143
Utility-UM - System Prompts Customisation146
Utility-Automatic Two-way Recording-Supervisor Setting148
Utility-Automatic Two-way Recording-Extension Setting149
Utility-Automatic Two-way Recording-Extension Setting List150
Utility-Automatic Two-way Recording-Maintenance153
Utility-CS-Web Connection155
Users-User Profiles158
Users-Add User164
Users-Add User-Multiple Users168
Users-Automatic Two-way Recording-Edit A Recording169
Users-ICDG Management171
Users-ICDG Management-ACD Report174
Users-ICDG Management-ACD Export History182
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot184
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-System Property190
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-System Property-Main190
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-System Property-Site198
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-System Property-Slot Summary222
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-System Property-NSVM225
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Activation Key Status228
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-VoIP Property231
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-VoIP Property-VoIP (Ext) Setting231
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-VoIP Property-VoIP (Trunk) Setting233
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-UM Card Property236
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-UM Port Property238
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Port Property-Port Type View239
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Shelf Property-V-SIPGW240
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Card Property-V-SIPGW244
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Port Property-V-SIPGW245
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Shelf Property-V-IPGW266
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Shelf Property-V-IPGW-GK Settings275
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Shelf Property-V-IPGW-Hunt Pattern276
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Port Property-V-IPGW277
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Card Property-V-IPEXT279
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Port Property-V-IPEXT282
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Card Property-V-SIPEXT291
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Port Property-V-SIPEXT293
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Card Property-V-IPCS301
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Port Property-V-IPCS303
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Card Property-V-UTEXT308
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Port Property-V-UTEXT310
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Card Property-Extension Type318
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Port Property-Extension Type321
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Card Property - LCO Type325
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Port Property - LCO Port331
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Card Property - BRI Type/PRI Type334
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Port Property - BRI Port340
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Port Property - PRI Port350
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Card Property-E1 Type359
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Card Property-E1 Type Line Signal Setting361
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Card Property-E1 Type MFC-R2 Setting 1364
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Card Property-E1 Type MFC-R2 Setting 2367
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Port Property-E1 Port370
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Expansion Unit1/Expansion Unit2/Expansion Unit3374
PBX Configuration-[1-1] Configuration-Slot-Card Property-DOORPHONE Card376
PBX Configuration-[1-2] Configuration-Portable Station377
PBX Configuration-[1-4] Configuration-Clock Priority382
PBX Configuration-[1-5] Configuration-DSP Resource383
PBX Configuration-[1-5-1] Configuration-DSP Resource-Setting383
PBX Configuration-[1-5-1] Configuration-DSP Resource-Setting-DSP Resource Advisor386
PBX Configuration-[1-5-2] Configuration-DSP Resource-Usage387
PBX Configuration-[2-1] System-Date & Time390
PBX Configuration-[2-1-1] System-Date & Time-Date & Time Setting390
PBX Configuration-[2-1-2] System-Date & Time-SNTP / Daylight Saving391
PBX Configuration-[2-1-2] System-Date & Time-SNTP / Daylight Saving-Daylight Saving393
PBX Configuration-[2-3] System-Timers & Counters396
PBX Configuration-[2-4] System-Week Table-Time Setting411
PBX Configuration-[2-6] System-Numbering Plan415
PBX Configuration-[2-6-1] System-Numbering Plan-Main415
Doorphone Call418
Single Co Line Access419
Group Paging Answer420
Account Code Entry422
Walking Extension428
Automatic Call Waiting429
Extension Feature Clear433
Simplified Voice Message Access435
PBX Configuration-[2-6-2] System-Numbering Plan-Quick Dial438
PBX Configuration-[2-6-3] System-Numbering Plan-B/NA DND Call Feature440
PBX Configuration-[2-7] System-Class Of Service443
PBX Configuration-[2-7-1] System-Class Of Service-COS Settings443
Account Code Mode446
Executive Busy Override449
Door Unlock453
PBX Configuration-[2-7-2] System-Class Of Service-External Call Block457
PBX Configuration-[2-7-3] System-Class Of Service-Internal Call Block458
PBX Configuration-[2-8] System-Ring Tone Patterns459
PBX Configuration-[2-8-1] System-Ring Tone Patterns-Call From CO459
PBX Configuration-[2-8-2] System-Ring Tone Patterns-Call From DOORPHONE460
PBX Configuration-[2-8-3] System-Ring Tone Patterns-Call From Others461
Walking Cos477
PBX Configuration-[2-10] System-Extension CID Settings486
PBX Configuration-[2-11] System-Audio Gain489
PBX Configuration-[2-11-1] System-Audio Gain-Paging/MOH489
PBX Configuration-[2-11-2] System-Audio Gain-Card491
PBX Configuration-[3-1] Group-Trunk Group494
PBX Configuration-[3-1-1] Group-Trunk Group-TRG Settings494
PBX Configuration-[3-1-2] Group-Trunk Group-Local Access Priority500
PBX Configuration-[3-1-3] Group-Trunk Group-Caller ID Modification501
PBX Configuration-[3-1-4] Group-Trunk Group-Dialling Plan505
PBX Configuration-[3-1-4] Group-Trunk Group-Dialling Plan-Auto Assign507

Panasonic KX-NS500 Features Manual (580 pages)

Brand: Panasonic Category: PBX Size: 5.29 MB
Table of contents
Table Of Contents7
Call Handling Features19
Direct In Line (DIL)23
Direct Inward Dialling (DID)/Direct Dialling In (DDI)25
Multiple Subscriber Number (MSN) Ringing Service28
Intercept Routing33
Internal Call Features39
Incoming Call Indication Features43
Call Waiting46
Incoming Call Distribution Group Features50
Outside Destinations In Incoming Call Distribution Group58
Distribution Order63
Overflow Feature67
Supervisory Feature72
Call Forwarding (FWD)/Do Not Disturb (DND) Features79
Do Not Disturb (DND)86
Answering Features91
Call Pickup93
Hands-free Answerback98
Automatic Extension Release101
Trunk Call Features104
Account Code Entry106
Reverse Circuit109
Pause Insertion111
Host PBX Access Code (Access Code To The Telephone Company From A Host PBX)112
Seizing A Line Features115
Trunk Access117
One-touch Dialling121
Speed Dialling—Personal/System124
Hot Line127
Toll Restriction (TRS)/Call Barring (Barring) Features129
Extension Dial Lock138
Walking COS140
Automatic Route Selection (ARS) Features144
Primary Directory Number (PDN)/Secondary Directory Number (SDN Features151
Executive Busy Override158
Second Call Notification To Busy Extension162
Off-hook Call Announcement (OHCA)165
Conversation Features168
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Data Line Security172
External Feature Access (EFA)175
Calling Party Control (CPC) Signal Detection180
One-numbered Extension184
SIP Refer Transfer190
Call Park194
Music On Hold197
Conference Group Call Features203
Automatic Fax Transfer219
Message Notification222
Trunk Answer From Any Station (TAFAS)229
Door Open232
External Relay Control235
Incoming Call Log241
Absent Message246
Flexible Buttons251
Display Information258
Syslog Record Management269
Call Charge Services271
Room Status Control275
Extension Controlling Features281
Walking Extension Features285
Walking Extension-Home Position Control288
Audible Tone Features291
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Features295
Integration With Communication Bridge298
Voice Mail Features301
Voice Mail DPT (Digital) Integration311
Miscellaneous Features320
Unified Messaging System325
System Administration329
System Reports331
Automatic Two-way Recording For Manager333
Call Services335
Class Of Service (COS)337


Panasonic KX-NS500 User Manual (396 pages)

Brand: Panasonic Category: Telephone Size: 5.02 MB
Table of contents
Feature Highlights2
Open Source Software9
For Your Safety14
Save These Instructions19
Data Security22
How To Follow The Steps30
Making Calls33
Calling Another Extension33
Group Access34
Easy Dialling38
When The Dialled Line Is Busy Or There Is No Answer42
Accessing The ISDN Service (ISDN Service Access)51
Alternating The Calling Method (Alternate Calling-Ring/Voice)52
To Access Another Party Directly From Outside (Direct Inward System Access [DISA])54
Setting Your Telephone From Another Extension Or Through DISA (Remote Setting)57
Answering Calls58
Answering A Call Ringing At Another Telephone (Call Pickup)60
Answering A Call Via An External Speaker (Trunk Answer From Any Station [TAFAS])62
To Transfer A Call63
Identifying Malicious Calling Parties (Malicious Call Identification [MCID])65
Transferring A Call (Call Transfer)66
Transferring To An Outside Party Using The Pbx Service68
Transferring To An Outside Party Using The Sip Service71
Talking To Two Parties Alternately (Call Splitting)79
Answering Call Waiting From The Telephone Company86
Letting Other People Listen To The Conversation (Off-hook Monitor)99
Using A PDN/SDN Button102
Primary Directory Number (PDN)/Secondary Directory Number (SDN) Extension102
Forwarding Calls106
Showing A Message On The Caller's Telephone Display (Absent Message)117
Preventing Other People From Using Your Telephone (Extension Dial Lock)119
Using Voice Messaging (Built-in Simplified Voice Message [SVM])121
Recording A Greeting Message For Each Time Mode123
Leaving Voice Messages126
Accessing Your Message Box From An Outside Telephone130
Answering/Denying A Paging Announcement134
Conference Mode135
Using The Unified Messaging Features142
Logging In To And Configuring Your Mailbox143
Personal Greetings145
Message Playback And Related Features153
Recovering Deleted Messages155
Remote Access159
To Send A Message162
Receiving External Delivery Messages170
Call Transfer171
Call Screening171
Outside Line176
Other Features179
Message Reception Mode180
Message Waiting Lamp181
Private Mode184
Quick Reference196
Setting The Telephone According To Your Needs199
Refusing Incoming Calls (Do Not Disturb [DND])201
Receiving Call Waiting (Call Waiting/Off-hook Call Announcement [OHCA]/Whisper OHCA)205
Displaying Your Telephone Number On The Called Party And Caller's Telephone (Calling/Connected Line Identification Presentation [CLIP/COLP])206

Panasonic KX-NS500 Installation Manual (338 pages)

Brand: Panasonic Category: PBX Size: 8.63 MB
Table of contents
System Components2
Table Of Contents13
For Your Safety18
System Outline29
System Configurations30
Optional Equipment35
General Description39
System Capacity42
Type And Maximum Number Of Activation Keys60
Using CTI Applications76
Before Installation80
Opening/Closing The Top Cover87
Installing/Removing The Optional Service Cards90
Types Of Connectors107
19-inch Rack Mounting110
Surge Protector Installation115
The Mother Board And Expansion Cards120
Mother Board In The Main Unit120
SD Memory XS Card (KX-NS5134), SD Memory S Card (KX-NS5135), SD Memory M Card (KX-NS5136)124
DSP S Card (KX-NS5110), DSP M Card (KX-NS5111), DSP L Card (KX-NS5112)125
DLC2 In The Main Unit (installed By Default)130
MCSLC16 In The Main Unit (installed By Default)131
EXP-S In An Expansion Unit (installed By Default)133
MCSLC16 In KX-NS520 (installed By Default)136
Virtual Cards139
LCOT6 Card (KX-NS5180)141
PRI23 Card (KX-NS5290)145
BRI4 Card (KX-NS5284)150
DLC8 Card (KX-NS5171)154
MCSLC8 Card (KX-NS5173)156
Expansion Card158
The Doorphone Card160
External Sensor161
Maximum Cabling Distances Of The Extension Wiring (Twisted Cable)162
Digital EXtra Device Port (Digital XDP) Connection165
Connecting To A Doorphone, Door Opener, And/or External Sensor167
LAN Connection171
LAN Connections For IP Telephones173
Starting The PBX178

Panasonic KX-NS500 Installation Manual (300 pages)

Brand: Panasonic Category: PBX Size: 8.78 MB
Table of contents
System Components2
Table Of Contents10
For Your Safety14
System Outline23
System Configurations24
Optional Equipment29
General Description32
System Capacity35
Type And Maximum Number Of Activation Keys48
Using CTI Applications57
Before Installation60
Opening/Closing The Top Cover65
Installing/Removing The Optional Service Cards68
Types Of Connectors85
19-inch Rack Mounting88
Surge Protector Installation93
The Mother Board And Expansion Cards98
Mother Board - KX-NS50098
Led Indication100
SD Memory XS Card (KX-NS5134), SD Memory S Card (KX-NS5135), SD Memory M Card (KX-NS5136)101
DSP S Card (KX-NS5110), DSP M Card (KX-NS5111), DSP L Card (KX-NS5112)102
DLC2 In KX-NS500 (installed By Default)107
EXP-S In KX-NS520 (installed By Default)110
MCSLC16 In KX-NS520 (installed By Default)113
Virtual Cards116
LCOT6 Card (KX-NS5180)118
DHLC4 Card (KX-NS5170)122
DLC16 Card (KX-NS5172)124
MCSLC16 Card (KX-NS5174)126
EXP-M Card (KX-NS5130)127
DPH2 Card (KX-NS5162)129
Connection Of Extensions131
Maximum Cabling Distances Of The Extension Wiring (Twisted Cable)131
Digital EXtra Device Port (Digital XDP) Connection134
Connecting To A Doorphone, Door Opener, And/or External Sensor137
LAN Connection141
LAN Connections For IP Telephones143
Starting The KX-NS500148

Panasonic KX-NS500 Sales Manual (92 pages)

Brand: Panasonic Category: PBX Size: 3.31 MB
Table of contents
PBX Line-up And Positioning Of The KX-NS5004
Product Overview6
Selling Points15
Cost Saving17
Backwards Compatibility19
Saving Communication Costs20
Saving On Initial Investment22
Customer Satisfaction24
Multi Zone25
DECT Paging27
Cellular Phone Integration29
Outside Destinations In Incoming Call Distribution Groups30
Voice Mail Solution32
E-mail Notification33
Improved Work Efficiency35
Call Centre Solution37
Call Distribution38
NAS Supported40
Activity Report42
Simplified Maintenance44
KX-NS500 Capacity46
Product Lineup - Hardware50
Product Lineup - Activation Keys52
Terminal Information Overview57
Digital Phone 'KX-DT5xx Series63
CC View' Activity Monitor And Report Tool71

Panasonic KX-NS500 Programming Manual (68 pages)

Brand: Panasonic Category: Conference System Size: 1.16 MB
Table of contents
Table Of Contents4
Password Security11
PT Programming17
Buttons And Functions18
Basic Programming22
System Speed Dialling Number22
Extension Name23
Operator Assignment23
Absent Message24
Charge Tax24
System Management Programming25
Time Service Switching Mode25
Idle Line Access (Local Access)26
System Password For Administrator-for PT Programming26
Manager Password26
Verification Code Personal Identification Number (PIN)27
Decimal Point Position For Currency27
Main Processing (MPR) Software Version Reference28
UM Auto Configuration28
Hold Recall Time29
Intercept Time29
Call Duration Count Starting Time For LCOT30
DISA Trunk-to-Trunk Call Prolong Time30
TRS/Barring Override By System Speed Dialling31
TRS/Barring Exception Code31
ARS Routing Plan Table Number32
ARS Routing Plan Time Table32
ARS Routing Plan Table (1-48)33
ARS Trunk Group For Carrier Access33
Trunk Programming35
Trunk Name35
LCOT DTMF Minimum Duration36
LCOT CPC Signal Detection Time-Incoming36
LCOT Disconnect Time37
DID Number37
Extension-to-Trunk Call Duration38
DISA Silence Detection38
COS Programming39
Trunk Call Duration Limitation39
Executive Busy Override40
DND Override40
Permission For Door Open Access41
Wireless XDP Parallel Mode For Paired Telephone41
Extension Programming42
Terminal Device Assignment42
Extension Intercept Destination43
CLIP/COLP Number43
Incoming Call Distribution Group Floating Extension Number44
Incoming Call Distribution Group Distribution Method44
Destination When All Busy45
Queuing Hurry-up Level45
Maximum Number Of Agents46
External Pagers Of A Paging Group46
UM Group Floating Extension Number47
Idle Extension Hunting Type47
PS Termination48
Personal Identification Number (PIN) For PS Registration48
Resource/Interface Programming49
Music On Hold49
Outgoing Message (OGM) Floating Extension Number50
DISA Security Mode50
External Modem Control51
SMDR Skip Perforation51
ISDN Remote Floating Extension Number52
Feature Programming References55

Panasonic KX-NS500 Getting Started (62 pages)

Brand: Panasonic Category: PBX Size: 2.65 MB
Table of contents
Table Of Contents2
Opening/Closing The Top Cover10
Frame Earth Connection14
LAN Connection For The Main Unit14
Connecting Extension18
Starting The PBX20
Starting Web Maintenance Console24
Programming The PBX28
Installing The Virtual IP Cards To The PBX34
Programming SIP Trunks36
Assigning Networking Information To IP Telephones38
Registering IP Telephones53
Making And Receiving Calls60

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