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  1. In this post i'll teach you how to install Ubuntu Software center in Kali and BackTrack 5 Linux. Its the same process. And question is what we can do with that Ubuntu Software Center, or for what we need that?
  2. May 20, 2017 - 'software-center': The new package name is gnome-software. For the latest version: software-center_13.10-0ubuntu4.1.debian.tar.gz ).

I want to know if there is any way to install Kali tools like sqlmap, nikto, john, aircrack-ng, .. on Ubuntu 12.04?

If yes, then how should I proceed?

How to install Software Center on Kali Linux. Hi,added these lines in sources.list root@kali:~# apt-get install software-center Reading package lists.


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Copy the following Kali repositories:

Replace the text YOUR_UBUNTU_VERSION based on your Ubuntu version.

  • Ubuntu 12.04: precise
  • Ubuntu 12.10: quantal
  • Ubuntu 13.04: raring

Assuming that you are using Ubuntu 13.04, your repositories would be

Note: If you're an Ubuntu 14.04 user, you can use raring, as Trusty version of Kali repositories are not released

Update sources

Open your sources using the command

Now, gedit editor will open the file kali-tools.list. Paste the above code at the end of your file and Save.

Copy the PGP Key

Copy the Key below and save it as key.pgp text file in your desktop.

Add PGP Key in apt

Open terminal and type

If your key addition is successful, you will see Ok.


Now update your apt-get repositories using the command

Install Synaptic Package Manager

Use the command

If you already have Synaptic installed, you may skip this step.

Install Kali Tools

Now open Synaptic Package manager and click on Origin. You can see 2 Kali repositories by names

Click on the repositories and install the Tools from the list.

Avishek SahaAvishek Saha

Ubuntu has more than that I think!

  • Cyber Sec I PPa's (Cybersec Team)

  • Black hat sec PPA's ( by D4RkNiK0l4s)


Install visual studio code on arch linux. Trusty

In those PPa's are more than 500+ hacking tools available,this guy has done a very good job!!Those tools are all open source and they don't belong to any name or something else. :D Ubuntu is a great distribution and it has many,many tools and packages available via repositoryinstall them like this :



Then open synaptic or whatever you like to use and start installing your tools!!

Cyber Sec ICyber Sec I

first of all , i dont advice you to change anything in the sources.list , because it going to damage your ubuntu sooner or later.

Demi lovato unbroken m4a download. but there is a good way to do so in these instructs :there is a good tool called katoolin that will save time for you.

warning: make a copy of your sources list

step 1 : copy your original sources.list

sudo cp /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.original

step 2: install git

sudo apt-get install git

step 3: get katoolin tool

git clone

step 4 : copy the tool to your usr bin directory

cp katoolin/ /usr/bin/katoolin

step 5 : change permissions to the tool

sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/katoolin

step 6 : run the tool and extra careful to do a sources.list clean up after every time you install a tool from it or use the tool to remove the repos , and check your self manually.

sudo katoolin

2.Black Box Repack edition = 3.Hitman Absoluiton Language pack ( english files) for skidrow: ___________________________________________________________________________ INSTALL NOTES 1. Trusted Link and Working! To view this website please verify your age:. Run Hitman.Absolution.v1.0.438.0.Update.Language.Pack.exe 2. Click This Link to Download the 'Hitman Absolution English Files' 1.

cleanup after running the tool

warning : dont use apt-get upgrade after running the tool it will crush your system and gnome

Install Ubuntu Software Center In Debian

first of all see the changes that happened in your sources.list

Kali Linux Tools On Ubuntu

step 1 : check what has been added

cat /etc/apt/sources.list grep 'kali'

if you see a kali source , remove its deb and deb-src and the safe the file.

Kali Linux Or Ubuntu

step 2 : check if there is any ppa from it and remove it :

sudo apt-key list grep kalisudo apt-key del <id>

step 3 : clean what you just did:

sudo apt-get autoremove && apt-get clean

useful references :

(How can I remove gpg key that I added using apt-key add -?)

best regards,

Ahmed Al-attarAhmed Al-attar

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