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BAC cooling tower information

  1. Bac Cooling Tower Serial Number Uo71148001

BAC cooling tower information

Does anyone have access to an old Baltimaore Air Coil (BAC) selection guide (book) for a VS series cooling tower? I'm trying to recommission a 1974 vintage VST cooling tower and have been unable to track down performance data for it. The factory (so I've been told) scanned their old catalogs, then discarded them; however, the scanned performance charts I've gotten from them are unreadable.
Thank you in advance if you could find performance information for a BAC VST-325A (or similar) cooling tower.
Bac Cooling Tower Serial Number AgeSerial

Bac Cooling Tower Serial Number Uo71148001

Premier Cooling Tower Product Portfolio. Doraemon episodes in hindi. Evaporative cooling equipment is available in several types and sizes and understanding the various products, along with their advantages and limitations is important when determining the right application for your project. Hi, I’m Candice Kassin, BAC’s Marketing. Baltimore Aircoil is the leading global manufacturer of Cooling Towers. BAC Model VNT 1. Doa program anti dadah. D Cooling Tower; Serial Number: 7. Series 3000 and XE-Series Cooling Towers. Contact your local BAC Representative whose name and. Number and serial number of the unit are also located in this area.

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