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Most of TNB’s energy meters are electronic meters. Electronic meters are identifiable through the LCD display panels. How to Read Your Energy Meter. How to Read Your Energy Meter For billing purposes, TNB will require your energy consumption reading measured in kilowatt hour (kWh). This reading is available on the LCD display of the meter, as shown in the following illustrations. The numbers on the LCD display denotes the accumulated energy used and is measured in kWh. China Digital Electric Meter Hack, Digital Electric Meter Hack from China Supplier - Find Variety Digital Electric Meter Hack from electric meter,smart electrical.

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“this is only for educational purposes and the practice is highly illegal and risky, I will not be responsible for your illegal electricity connection ”

Hack tnb digital meter
The wire most probably black from the electric Pole to your house brings in electricity, The electricity is put into the meter box and fixed into that plastic object where a fuse is placed. Your digital meter then connects to the other end of the plastic object with 2 wires most probably Red and Black. These wires are called “Red-Live, black- Neutral and another wire Green- Earth is connected to the ground” however your colors might defer. The fuse combines the black wire to the meter when placed between the black wire and the digital meter on that Plastic object in the meter box. Here we need to bypass this circuit by removing the fuse and replacing it with our own circuit using a strong copper wire.
> You need a strong copper wire about 14 Inches depending on the distance between your digital meter and the Fuse inside your meter box.
> Remove at list 3 inches of rubber off each side of your copper wire.

Tnb Digital Meter

> Place the copper wire so it can connect from the fuse to the digital meter.
> Remove the fuse from the meter box, disconnecting your electricity first
> You should see the red wire connected to the Plastic object, carefully insert one end of the strong wire into the lower section/hole of the plastic object and the other end to a wire mostly red that enters your meter from your house.
you are now connecting the red live wire which has electricity direct to the live wire taking electricity in your house without passing through the digital meter that counts your electricity Usage.Now you can enjoy free unlimited electricity.
As I said, this is for educational purposes only and I am not responsible for any illegal action you may perfom or any harm caused to you, though the trick is simple.

How To Reset Tnb Digital Meter

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