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Studio album by
GenreRock, Alternative
Prime Circle chronology
Jekyll & Hyde
Singles from Evidence
  1. 'Time Kills Us All'
    Released: October 2012
  2. 'Evidence'
    Released: January 2013

Evidence is the fifth studio album by South African rock band Prime Circle. It was released November 12, 2012. The album was licensed through EMI Music South Africa for that country. Internationally other specialised labels were selected to distribute the album. It is the follow up to the album Jekyll & Hyde (2010). The album was recorded in Cape Town, South Africa between the months of February and June, 2012. Evidence was officially announced in June, 2012 via the band's official Facebook page and website.

Prime Circle Album Download

Style and Lyrics[edit]

Lead singer-songwriter and guitarist Ross Learmonth stated in an interview that the album was about trying to let go of something when 'evidence' of it is left behind. Lyrically the album stays consistent with that of the previous releases. The lyrics focus mainly on the breakdowns of relationships from a positive perspective. The lyrics also deal with themes such as, innocence, changes, taking things for granted, isolation, and belonging. Stylistically the album draws from previous releases such as Jekyll & Hyde (2010) with darker tone songs such as 'Evidence'. The album also incorporates rock ballads such as 'Written in Riddles' and 'Know You Better' similar to those from All or Nothing (2008) and Live This Life (2005).


'Time Kills Us All' was released as the album's first single. It made its debut on radio stations across South Africa in October, 2012. A music video for the track was released in June 2013. The video was filmed in Cape Town, South Africa and focused on the end of the world as the main theme. Following the success of 'Time Kills Us All' the band released their second single, the title track 'Evidence'. The second single was released in January, 2013. The single was accompanied by the release of the music video for the song. The video dealt with themes such as interrogation, isolation, accusation, and events from the past affecting the present.

Track listing[edit]

1.'Intro'Prime CirclePrime Circle, Theo CrousTheo Crous0:57
2.'Evidence'Prime CirclePrime Circle, Theo CrousTheo Crous3:13
3.'Change'Prime CirclePrime Circle, Theo CrousTheo Crous2:54
4.'Time Kills Us All'Prime CirclePrime CircleTheo Crous3:41
5.'Answers'Prime CirclePrime Circle, Theo CrousTheo Crous3:34
6.'Know You Better'Prime CirclePrime Circle, Theo CrousTheo Crous3:30
7.'King For A Day'Prime CirclePrime Circle, Theo CrousTheo Crous3:23
8.'Room Of Ghosts'Prime CirclePrime Circle, Theo CrousTheo Crous3:33
9.'Staring At Satellites'Prime CirclePrime Circle, Theo CrousTheo Crous3:46
10.'Only Way Out'Prime CirclePrime Circle, Theo CrousTheo Crous3:49
11.'Given The Truth'Prime CirclePrime Circle, Theo CrousTheo Crous2:53
12.'Written In Riddles'Prime CirclePrime Circle, Theo CrousTheo Crous2:53
13.'Evidence (Acoustic Version)'Prime CirclePrime Circle, Theo CrousTheo Crous3:22


  • Ross Learmoth - vocals, rhythm guitar, Acoustic guitar, songwriter
  • Marco Gomes - bass, songwriter
  • Dale Schnettler - drums, backing vocals, Acoustic guitar, percussion, songwriter
  • Dirk Bisschoff - lead guitar, Acoustic guitar, songwriter
  • Neil Breytenbach - keyboards, songwriter


  • Theo Crous - Producer
  • Kevin 'The Caveman' Shirley - Mixer
  • Neil Breytenbach - String Arrangements
  • Theo Crous - String arrangements (Except 'Time Kills Us All')


Response for the album has been mainly positive. Many praising the impact of the lyrics as well as the maturity of the songs in general. Samsung mobile ringtone download. Singles from the record continue to enjoy frequent airplay.

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