The Idolm Ster 2 Xbox 360 Iso

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An exclusive stage, 2 new stage theme songs, and five Noctis costumes! As BLOOD VENGEANCE outfits, swim suits, and iDOLM@STER costumes have.

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This page contains all of the DLC for the Xbox 360 version of THE iDOLM@STER 2. Most of the DLC from this version is also included in the PS3 version.

Catalog 1

Japanese NameEnglish NameGenreCostStats
スノーフレークリリパットSnowflake LilypadExtend1000MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
ザベストスクールメイトThe Best SchoolmateExtend1000MSPIncreases Visual stat.
フォーチューンクローバFortune CloverFloral500MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
ファイアオパール76ctFire Opal 76ctLuxury500MSPIncreases Dance stat.
プレアデスM45Pleiades M45Starry500MSPIncreases Visual stat.
Little Match GirlLittle Match GirlSong0MSP (Download Card required)Increases Visual stat
ハッピーイヤーマフHappy EarmuffsHead Accessory200MSPIncreases Visual stat.
スポーツバッグSports BagBody Accessory200MSPIncreases Visual stat.
プリティミトンPretty MittenHand Accessory200MSPIncreases Visual stat.
ウォームブーツカバーWarm Boots CoverLeg Accessory200MSPIncreases Visual stat.
春香のメールHaruka's Email AddressOther200MSP--
美希のメールMiki's Email AddressOther200MSP--
千早のメールChihaya's Email AddressOther200MSP--
やよいのメールYayoi's Email AddressOther200MSP--
雪歩のメールYukiho's Email AddressOther200MSP--
真のメールMakoto's Email AddressOther200MSP--
真美のメールMami's Email AddressOther200MSP--
貴音のメールTakane's Email AddressOther200MSP--
響のメールHibiki's Email AddressOther200MSP--
アイコンパック・765プロアイドル765Pro Idols Icon PackOther200MSP--
ぴたっとハム蔵Pitatto HamuzouOther/Leg Accessory0MSP (with entire Catalog 1 purchase only)Increases Visual stat.
  • Purchase of the 'Little Match Girl'/'Idol's Email Addresses'/'765Pro Idols Icon Pack' is not required to get the 'Pitatto Hamuzou' accessory.

Catalog 2

Japanese NameEnglish NameGenreCostStats
ストリートホッパーStreet HopperExtend1000MSPIncreases Dance stat.
サクラストームSakura StormFloral500MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
ベイビーブルージャガーBaby Blue JaguarLuxury500MSPIncreases Dance stat.
パズルデルソルPuzzle Del SolStarry500MSPIncreases Visual stat.
Honey HeartbeatHoney HeartbeatSong1200MSPIncreases Dance stat.
ハートビートサングラスHeartbeat SunglassesHead Accessory200MSPIncreases Dance stat.
ケミカルライトカラーChemical Light CollarBody Accessory200MSPIncreases Dance stat.
ケミカルライトバングルChemical Light BangleHand Accessory200MSPIncreases Dance stat.
ケミカルライトアンクルChemical Light AnkletLeg Accessory200MSPIncreases Dance stat.
しろねこみみWhite Cat EarsHead Accessory300MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
しろねこしっぽWhite Cat TailBody Accessory300MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
しろねこのてWhite Cat PawsHand Accessory300MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
しろねこあしWhite Cat FeetLeg Accessory300MSPIncreases stat.
クマちゃんスピーカーKuma-chan SpeakerOther/Hand Accessory0MSP (with entire Catalog 2 purchase only)Increases Visual stat.
  • The 'White Cat' set requires you to reach Producer rank 3 before you can download.

Catalog 3

Japanese NameEnglish NameGenreCostStats
ハンバーガースケーターBurger SkaterExtend1000MSPIncreases Visual stat.
セントアイリスSaint IrisFloral500MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
デザートトラベラーDesert TravelerLuxury500MSPIncreases Dance stat.
オリオンネビュラOrion NebulaStarry500MSPIncreases Visual stat.
愛 LIKE ハンバーガーAi LIKE HamburgerSong1200MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
バーガーインカムBurger HeadsetHead Accessory200MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
バーガーバッジBurger BadgeBody Accessory200MSPIncreases Dance stat.
バーガーミットBurger MittHand Accessory200MSPIncreases Visual stat.
バーガーニーパッドBurger KneepadsLeg Accessory200MSPIncreases Visual stat.
300000マニー300,000 MoneyOther300MSP--
アイコンパック・ちびキャラChibi-character Icon PackOther200MSP--
菊地レーシングフラッグKikuchi Racing FlagOther/Body Accessory0MSP (with entire Catalog 3 purchase only)Increases Dance stat.
  • Purchase of the '300,000 Money'/'Chibi-character Icon Pack' is not required to get the 'Kikuchi Racing Flag' accessory.

Catalog 4

Japanese NameEnglish NameGenreCostStats
マイディアヴァンパイアMy Dear VampireExtend1000MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
アゼリアブライドAzalea BrideFloral500MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
レザードクィーンLeathered QueenLuxury500MSPIncreases Dance stat.
インターステラフライヤーInterstellar FlyerStarry500MSPIncreases Visual stat.
きゅんっ!ヴァンパイアガールKyun! Vampire GirlSong1200MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
ヴァンパイアマウスピースVampire MouthpieceHead Accessory200MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
ハートオブヴァンパイアHeart of VampireBody Accessory200MSPIncreases Visual stat.
ブラッディナイルBloody NailsHand Accessory200MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
フライングバットFlying BatsLeg Accessory200MSPIncreases Dance stat.
ゴシックヘッドドレスGothic HeaddressHead Accessory300MSPIncreases Visual stat.
ゴシックロースコサージュGothic Rose CorsageBody Accessory300MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
ゴシックフリルブレスGothic Frill BraceletHand Accessory300MSPIncreases Dance stat.
ゴシックフリルアンクルGothic Frill AnkletLeg Accessory300MSPIncreases Dance stat.
300000マニー#2300,000 Money #2Other300MSP--
なると@フェイスパックNaruto @ Face PackHead Accessory0MSP (with entire Catalog 4 purchase only)Increases Visual stat.
  • The 'Gothic' set requires you to have the 'Best 10' achievement (produce a song that reaches rank 10 or higher in DoTop TV) before you can download.
  • Purchase of the '300,000 Money #2' is not required to get the 'Naruto @ Face Pack' accessory.

Catalog 5

The idolm ster cinderella
Japanese NameEnglish NameGenreCostStats
765スクールミズギ765 School SwimsuitExtend1000MSPIncreases Dance stat.
ビビッドビキニVivid BikiniExtend1000MSPIncreases Visual stat.
ファンシーペチュニアFancy PetuniaFloral500MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
スタイリッシュデニムStylish DenimLuxury500MSPIncreases Dance stat.
エターナルテラ&ルナEternal Terra & LunaStarry500MSPIncreases Visual stat.
L・O・B・ML・O・B・MSong1200MSPIncreases Visual stat.
シュノーケルSnorkelHead Accessory200MSPIncreases Visual stat.
イルカバルーンDolphin BalloonBody Accessory200MSPIncreases Visual stat.
2段アイスDouble Scoop Ice CreamHand Accessory200MSPIncreases Visual stat.
ダイビングフィンDiving FinsLeg Accessory200MSPIncreases Visual stat.
300000マニー#3300,000 Money #3Other300MSP--
アイコンパック・キャライラストCharacter Illustrations Icon PackOther200MSP--
ウサちゃんスリッパUsa-chan SlippersLeg Accessory0MSP (with entire Catalog 5 purchase only)Increases Vocal stat.
  • Purchase of the '300,000 Money #3'/'Character Illustrations Icon Pack' is not required to get the 'Usa-chan Slippers' accessory.

Catalog 6

Japanese NameEnglish NameGenreCostStats
カラフルバレリーナColorful BallerinaExtend1000MSPIncreases Dance stat.
ホットサマーシトラスHot Summer CitrusFloral500MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
トワイライトサファリTwilight SafariLuxury500MSPIncreases Dance stat.
ハニカムアストロノートHoneycomb AstronautStarry500MSPIncreases Visual stat.
Colorful DaysColorful DaysSong800MSPIncreases Visual stat.
ホールケーキハットHall Cake HatHead Accessory200MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
ロリポップブローチLollipop BroochBody Accessory200MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
クッキーリングCookie RingHand Accessory200MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
スイーツショートブーツSweets Short BootsLeg Accessory200MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
妖精さんのとがり耳Fairy's EarsHead Accessory300MSPIncreases Dance stat.
妖精さんの魅惑の羽根Fairy's WingsBody Accessory300MSPIncreases Dance stat.
妖精さんの魔法の杖Fairy's Magic WandHand Accessory300MSPIncreases Dance stat.
妖精さんの魔法の靴Fairy's Magic BootsLeg Accessory300MSPIncreases Dance stat.
300000マニー#4300,000 Money #4Other300MSP--
春香さんのお料理道具Haruka's Cooking UtensilsHand Accessory0MSP (with entire Catalog 6 purchase only)Increases Vocal stat.
  • The 'Fairy' set requires you to have the 'Carrot Award' achievement (finish producing 2 different idols) before you can download.
  • Purchase of the '300,000 Money #4' is not required to get the 'Haruka's Cooking Utensils' accessory.

Catalog 7

Japanese NameEnglish NameGenreCostStats
パンキッシュゴシックPunkish GothicExtend800MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
ハピネスルピナスHappiness LupinusFloral500MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
スネーキーショーガールSnaky ShowgirlLuxury500MSPIncreases Dance stat.
ビジターフロムスペースVisitor From SpaceStarry500MSPIncreases Visual stat.
I WantI WantSong800MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
パンキッシュヘッドドレスPunkish HeaddressHead Accessory200MSPIncreases Visual stat.
トランプエレキTrump Electric GuitarBody Accessory200MSPIncreases Visual stat.
ガールズパンクブレスGirls' Punk BraceletHand Accessory200MSPIncreases Visual stat.
レザーガーターリングLeather Garter RingLeg Accessory200MSPIncreases Visual stat.
300000マニー#5300,000 Money #5Other300MSP--
蒼き鳥のつばさBlue Bird's WingsBody Accessory0MSP (with entire Catalog 7 purchase only)Increases Vocal stat.
  • Purchase of the '300,000 Money #5' is not required to get the 'Blue Bird's Wings' accessory.

Catalog 8

Japanese NameEnglish NameGenreCostStats
エクササイズウェアNEOExercise Wear NEOExtend1000MSPIncreases Dance stat.
エレガントIVYElegant IVYFloral500MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
ハイネスルージュHighness RougeLuxury500MSPIncreases Dance stat.
ネクストオービターNext OrbiterStarry500MSPIncreases Visual stat.
オーバーマスターOvermasterSong1200MSPIncreases Dance stat.
ガールズヘッドバンドGirls' HeadbandHead Accessory200MSPIncreases Dance stat.
765プロスポーツタオル765Pro Sports TowelBody Accessory200MSPIncreases Dance stat.
マイカラーバトンMy Color BatonHand Accessory200MSPIncreases Dance stat.
ルーズフィットスニーカーLoose Fit SneakersLeg Accessory200MSPIncreases Dance stat.
300000マニー#6300,000 Money #6Other300MSP--
萩原組ヘルメットHagiwara-group HelmetHead Accessory0MSP (with entire Catalog 8 purchase only)Increases Vocal stat.
  • Purchase of the '300,000 Money #6' is not required to get the 'Hagiwara-group Helmet' accessory.

Catalog 9

Japanese NameEnglish NameGenreCostStats
アイドル@スクールIdol@SchoolExtend1500MSPIncreases Visual stat.
セーラーミズギSailor MizugiExtend1500MSPIncreases Dance stat.
イブニングカンパニュラEvening CampanulaFloral750MSPIncreases Visual stat.
クラッシーモノグラムClassy MonogramLuxury750MSPIncreases Dance stat.
レジィアントスターボウRadiant StarbowStarry750MSPIncreases Visual stat.
神SUMMER!!Kami SUMMER!!Song1800MSPIncreases Dance stat.
セーラーキャップSailor CapHead Accessory300MSPIncreases Visual stat.
ふわふわバルーンFuwa Fuwa BallonBody Accessory300MSPIncreases Visual stat.
ハンドフラッグHand FlagHand Accessory300MSPIncreases Visual stat.
ウォーターピストルWater PistolLeg Accessory300MSPIncreases Visual stat.
300000マニー#7300,000 Money #7Other300MSP--
おにぎりヘッドOnigiri HeadHead Accessory0MSP (with entire Catalog 9 purchase only)Increases Dance stat.
  • Purchase of the '300,000 Money #7' is not required to get the 'Onigiri Head' accessory.

Catalog 10

Japanese NameEnglish NameGenreCostStats
ホーリーナイトギフターHoly Night TargeterExtend1000MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
ノルディックブルーベリーNordic BlueberryFloral500MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
ナイトオンステージNight on StageLuxury500MSPIncreases Dance stat.
ホロスコープキャスターHoroscope CasterStarry500MSPIncreases Visual stat.
自分REST@RTJibun REST@RTSong1200MSPIncreases Visual stat.
神さまのBirthdayKamisama no BirthdaySong800MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
サンタの帽子Santa's HatHead Accessory200MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
わくわくギフトExciting GiftsBody Accessory200MSPIncreases Dance stat.
ノエルアームバンドNoel ArmbandsHand Accessory200MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
イルミネーションアンクルIllumination AnkleLeg Accessory200MSPIncreases Dance stat.
スノーカチューシャSnow HeadbandHead Accessory300MSPIncreases Visual stat.
スノーペンダントSnow PendantBody Accessory300MSPIncreases Visual stat.
スノーブレスレットSnow BraceletHand Accessory300MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
スノーガーターリングSnow Garter RingLeg Accessory300MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
300000マニー#2300,000 Money #2Other300MSP--
あずさの結婚首輪Azusa's Marriage NecklaceBody Accessory0MSP (with entire Catalog 10 purchase only)Increases Dance stat.
  • The 'Snow' set requires you to get into the top 20 on Top TV Dot before you can download.
  • Purchase of the '300,000 Money #2' is not required to get the 'Azusa's Marriage Necklace' accessory.

Catalog 11

Go My Way (m@ster Version) - The Idolm@ster 2

Japanese NameEnglish NameGenreCostStats
ワイヤードマリオネットWired MarionetteExtend1000MSPIncreases Dance stat.
ジャパネスクボタンJapanesque BotanFloral500MSPIncreased Vocal stat.
ストライプフォレスターForrester StripeLuxury500MSPIncreases Dance stat.
ムーンライトシャンパンMoonlight ChampagneStarry500MSPIncreases Visual stat.
マリオネットの心Marionette no KokoroSong1200MSPIncreases Dance stat.
ハーフボンネットHalf BonnetHead Accessory200MSPIncreases Dance stat.
マリオネットストリングスMarionette StringsBody Accessory200MSPIncreases Dance stat.
獅子舞パペットLion PuppetHand Accessory200MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
門松ブーツKadomatsu BootsLeg Accessory200MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
300000マニー#9300,000 Money #9Other300MSP--
真美&亜美のパペットAmi and Mami's puppetsHand Accessory0MSP (with entire Catalog 11 purchase only)Increases Vocal stat.
鏡餅オンザヘッドKagamimochi on headHead Accessory0yen (with purchase of Marionette no Kokoro)Increases Vocal stat.
  • Purchase of the '300,000 Money #9' is not required to get the 'Ami and Mami's puppets' accessory.

Catalog 12

Japanese NameEnglish NameGenreCostStats
チェンジ2MYカラーChange 2 My ColorExtend1000MSPIncreases Visual stat.
バレンタインプラムValentine PlumFloral500MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
ダンシングタイガーDancing TigerLuxury500MSPIncreases Dance stat.
カシオペアハートCassiopeia HeartStarry500MSPIncreases Visual stat.
CHANGE!!!!CHANGE!!!!Song1200MSPIncreases Dance stat.
綺羅星のアンテナKiraboshi AntennaHead Accessory200MSPIncreases Visual stat.
ワンダリングUFOWandering UFOBody Accessory200MSPIncreases Visual stat.
願い星のステッキWish Upon a Star StickHand Accessory200MSPIncreases Visual stat.
メビウスアンクルMobius AnkleLeg Accessory200MSPIncreases Visual stat.
魔法使いの帽子Witch's HatHead Accessory300MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
魔法のホウキWitch's BroomBody Accessory300MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
黒猫のぬいぐるみWitch's Stuffed Black CatHand Accessory300MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
魔法使いの靴Witch's ShoesLeg Accessory300MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
300000マニー#10300,000 Money #10Other300MSP--
ひっつき亜美真美ちゃんSticky AmiMami-ChanLeg Accessory0MSP (with entire Catalog 12 purchase only)Increases Vocal stat.
  • The 'Witch' set requires you to have the 'Strawberry Award' achievement (finish producing 1 idol) before you can download.
  • Purchase of the '300,000 Money #10' is not required to get the 'Sticky AmiMami-Chan' accessory.

Catalog 13

Japanese NameEnglish NameGenreCostStats
スクールガールウェアSchoolgirl WearExtend800MSPIncreases Visual stat.
765学園ジャージ765 University JerseyExtend800MSPIncreases Dance stat.
ウィンディチェリーズWindy CherriesFloral500MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
オーシャンブルーレースOcean Blue RaceLuxury500MSPIncreases Dance stat.
ブラックスワンX-1Black Swan X-1Starry500MSPIncreases Visual stat.
Brand New Day!Brand New Day!Song1200MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
お勉強メガネStudy GlassesHead Accessory200MSPIncreases Dance stat.
スクールバッグSchool BagBody Accessory200MSPIncreases Dance stat.
ストロベリークレープStrawberry CrepeHand Accessory200MSPIncreases Dance stat.
膝ばんそうこうLKnee Bandage LLeg Accessory200MSPIncreases Visual stat.
300000マニー#11300,000 Money #11Other300MSP--
アナザー律っちゃんメガネAnother Ricchan GlassesHead Accessory0MSP (with entire Catalog 13 purchase only)Increases Vocal stat.
  • Purchase of the '300,000 Money #11' is not required to get the 'Another Ricchan Glasses' accessory.

Catalog 14

Japanese NameEnglish NameGenreCostStats
フォーエバースター☆☆☆ Forever Star ☆☆☆Extend1000MSPIncreased Visual stat.
チューリップフィールドTulip FieldsFloral500MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
モノクロームカウガールMonochrome CowgirlLuxury500MSPIncreases Dance stat.
バイオレットライトニングViolet LightningStarry500MSPIncreased Visual stat.
私たちはずっと…でしょう?Watashi-tachi wa Zutto.. Deshou?Song1200MSPIncreased Visual stat.
うしみみCow EarsHead Accessory200MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
うししっぽOx TailBody Accessory200MSPIncreases Dance stat.
うしひづめCow HoovesHand Accessory200MSPIncreased Visual stat.
うしあしCattle FeetLeg Accessory200MSPIncreases Dance stat.
IA大賞クラウン IA Awards CrownHead Accessory300MSPIncreases Dance stat.
IA大賞ゴールドメダルIA Awards Gold MedalBody Accessory300MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
IA大賞トロフィーIA Awards TrophyHand Accessory300MSPIncreases Vocal stat.
IA大賞リボンガーターIA Awards Ribbon GarterLeg Accessory300MSPIncreased Visual stat.
300000マニー#12300,000 Money #12Other300MSP--
小鳥さんの艶ぼくろKotori's Beauty MarkHead Accessory0MSP (with entire Catalog 14 purchase only)Increased Visual stat.
  • The 'IA Awards' set requires you to have one the IA Grand Prize Award before you can download.
  • Purchase of the '300,000 Money #12' is not required to get the 'Kotori's Beauty Mark' accessory.
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