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Freddie Jackson Freddie Jackson-Rock Me Tonight (For Old Time Sake) Rock Me Tonight (For Old Time Sake) mp3 Duration: 7:13 min Quality: Good Download. Here on his debut album, Freddie Jackson enjoyed admirable chart success with each of the four singles. The initial single, 'Rock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake),' was a very rhythmic ballad with an easy-flowing chorus enhanced by some nostalgic lyrics. Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Rock Me Tonight For Old Times Sake Freddie Jackson Rock Me Tonight ℗ 1985 Capitol Records, Inc. Released on: 1.

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To urban contemporary listeners, Freddie Jackson was one of the biggest stars of the latter half of the '80s, dominating the R&B charts seemingly at will. Jackson's forte was sophisticated, romantic soul ballads aimed at adult audiences, but he was also capable of tackling urban contemporary dance fare and even the occasional jazz tune. Yet unlike many of his peers -- Luther Vandross, Anita Baker, Peabo Bryson, etc. -- Jackson never managed to cross over to the pop charts, where none of his R&B smashes even breached the Top Ten. As new trends like hip-hop altered the urban contemporary landscape, Jackson gradually faded from view during the '90s.
Jackson was born October 2, 1956, in Harlem, and like so many soul stars, he was trained as a gospel singer from an early age, singing at the White Rock Baptist Church. There he met Paul Laurence, who would later become his producer and songwriting partner. After completing school, Jackson joined Laurence's group LJE (Laurence-Jones Ensemble) and played the New York club scene. During the early '80s, Jackson moved to the West Coast and sang lead with the R&B band Mystic Merlin, but soon returned to New York to work with Laurence at the Hush Productions company. He sang on demo recordings of Laurence's compositions, and also served as a backup singer for Melba Moore after she caught his nightclub act.
In 1985, Jackson landed a record deal with Capitol and issued his debut album, Rock Me Tonight. The Laurence-penned title track stormed the R&B charts, spending a whopping six weeks at number one, and made Jackson an instant sensation on urban contemporary radio. 'You Are My Lady' gave him a second straight R&B chart-topper, and also proved to be his highest-charting single on the pop side, peaking at number 13. With 'He'll Never Love You (Like I Do)' and 'Love Is Just a Touch Away' also hitting the R&B Top Ten, Rock Me Tonight topped the R&B album charts and went platinum. Jackson wasted no time issuing a follow-up set; Just Like the First Time appeared in 1986 on the heels of a number one R&B duet with Melba Moore, 'A Little Bit More' (from her album A Lot of Love). Another platinum seller, Just Like the First Time continued Jackson's incredible dominance of the R&B singles charts; 'Tasty Love,' 'Have You Ever Loved Somebody,' and 'Jam Tonight' all hit number one, while 'I Don't Want to Lose Your Love' went to number two.
The pace of Jackson's success slowed to less superhuman levels with the 1988 release of Don't Let Love Slip Away, which nonetheless featured another R&B chart-topper in 'Hey Lover,' plus further hits in 'Nice and Slow' and 'Crazy (For Me).' The title track of 1990's Do Me Again duplicated that feat, and 'Main Course' just missed, topping out at number two. Even so, Jackson's early placings in the lower reaches of the pop Top 40 had long since disappeared, and some critics charged that his albums were growing too similar to one another. Perhaps it was a lack of distinctiveness in his material that hurt Jackson's chances for a pop breakthrough; whatever the case, 1992's Time for Love failed to duplicate the crossover success Luther Vandross was belatedly enjoying, despite a hit cover of the soul classic 'Me and Mrs. Jones.'
Seeking a new beginning, Jackson parted ways with Capitol in late 1993, and signed with RCA. His label debut, Here It Is, appeared the following year, with diminished commercial returns -- in part because his straightforwardly romantic ballad style was increasingly out of step with the sexually explicit new breed of R&B crooner. Following a Christmas album, Jackson split with RCA and recorded Private Party for the much smaller Street Life imprint in 1995. Several years of silence ensued, until Orpheus issued Life After 30 in late 1999; the equally low-key release Live in Concert followed in 2000. Jackson continues to release records from time to time in a similarly low-key fashion, including an album's worth of soulful covers with 2005's Personal Reflections. Twice as Nice followed in 2006 from Orpheus Records.
Album: Rock Me Tonight (1985)
1. He'll Never Love You (Like I Do)
2. Love Is Just a Touch Away
3. I Wanna Say I Love You
4. You Are My Lady
5. Rock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake)
6. Sing a Song of Love
7. Calling
8. Good Morning Heartache
Album: Just Like the First Time (1986)
01. Tasty Love
02. Have You Ever Loved Somebody
03. Look Around
04. Jam Tonight
05. Just Like the First Time
06. I Can't Let You Go
07. I Don't Want to Lose Your Love
08. Janay
09. Still Waiting
10. You Are My Love
11. A Little Bit More
Album: Don't Let Love Slip Away (1988)
01. Nice 'N' Slow
02. Hey Lover
03. Don't Let Love Slip Away
04. Crazy (For Me)
05. One Heart Too Many
06. If You Don't Know Me by Now
07. You and I Got a Thang
08. Special Lady
09. Yes, I Need You
10. It's Gonna Take a Long, Long Time
Album: Do Me Again (1990)
01. Don't It Feel Good
02. Love Me Down
03. Main Course
04. It Takes Two
05. I'll Be Waiting for You
06. Don't Say You Love Me
07. Do Me Again
08. Live for the Moment
09. Second Time for Love
10. I Can't Take It
11. All over You
Album: Time for Love (1992)
1. I Could Use a Little Love (Right Now)
2. Time for Love Tonight
3. Chivalry
4. Trouble
5. Can I Touch You
6. All I'll Ever Ask
7. Will You Be There
8. Come With Me Tonight
9. Can We Try
10. Me and Mrs. Jones
11. Live My Life Without You
Album: Here It Is (1994)
01. Was It Something
02. Come Home II Us
03. Here It Is
04. How Does It Feel
05. Giving My Love to You
06. Paradise
07. Make Love Easy
08. Addictive 2 Touch
09. I Love
10. My Family
Album: Private Party (1995)
01. Private Party
02. Rub Up Against You
03. Love You All Over
04. (I Want To) Thank You
05. Your Lovin' (Is A Good Thang)
06. I Tried My Best
07. No One Else
08. Lay Your Love On Me
09. Teach Me
10. Once In A While
Album: Life After 30 (1999)
1. Do You Wanna
2. All She Really Wanted (One Night Stand)
3. Tell Me What You Like
4. Only Man in Heaven
5. Tiptoe (My Bedroom)
6. Something You Got (I Always Come Back)
7. Somebody Said
8. I Wanna Be Your Man
9. So Long Ago
10. What Is It Good For?
11. Do You Wanna
Album: The Very Best of Freddie Jackson Classic Freddie (2001)
01. Rock Me Tonight
02. Me and Mrs. Jones
03. You Are My Lady
04. Tasty Love
05. Second Time for Love
06. Little Bit More
07. Don't It Feel Good
08. Sing a Song of Love
09. Calling
10. Look Around
11. Good Morning Heartache
12. I Could Use a Little Love (Right Now)
13. Just Like the First Time
14. Crazy (For Me)
15. Nice N Slow

Rock Me Tonight Freddie Jackson Lyrics

16. Have You Ever Loved Somebody
17. If You Don't Know Me by Now
18. Do Me Again (Let Freddie Do You Edit)
Album: It's Your Move (2004)
1. Natural Thang
2. You Only Get (One Love)
3. How 'Bout Us?
4. It's on Tonight
5. Let Me Know
6. Say Yeah
7. Sealed With a Kiss
8. Over & Over
9. It's Your Move
10. Don't Give Up (On Our Love)
11. I Do
12. Stay
13. Natural Thang
14. One Love
Album: Personal Reflections (2005)
01. I Go Crazy
02. Don't Know Why
03. Love Ballad
04. Back Together Again (Duet with Melisa Morgan)
05. I Wanna Get Next To You
06. Save The Best For Last
07. I'll Be Around
08. I Wanna Know Your Name
09. Do That To Me One More Time
Freddie jackson health10. One In A Million
Album: Transitions (2006)
01. Until the End of Time
02. Transitions
Freddie jackson rock with me03. Hold on Me
04. How Can I
05. Can't Get My Flow
06. Stay and Talk to Me
07. More Than Friends
08. Superman
09. Tell Me About It
10. Heaven
11. What Cha'll Waiting For
12. Superstar/Wind Beneath My Wings
Album: Greatest Hits (2007)
01. Rock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake)
02. Have You Ever Loved Somebody
03. I Do
04. Nice 'N' Slow
05. You Are My Lady
06. Jam Tonight
07. I Could Use A Little Love (Right Now)
08. Main Course
09. He'll Never Love You (Like I Do)
10. Love Me Down
11. Hey Lover
12. A Little Bit More
13. You And I Got A Thang
14. Do Me Again
15. Love Is Just A Touch Away
16. I Don't Want To Lose Your Love
17. All Over You
18. Tasty Love
Album: Diamond Collection (2009)
01. Transitions
02. Tiptoe (My Bedroom)
03. Can't Get My Flow
04. Nice & Slow
05. Have You Ever Loved Somebody
06. Tasty Love
07. Until The End Of Time
08. Something You Got (I Always Come Back)

Freddie Jackson Sick

09. More Than Friends
10. Hold on Me
11. You Are My Lady
12. Rock Me Tonight
Album: For You (2010)
01. I Don't Want To Go
02. After All This Time
03. A Dozen Roses
04. Incognito
05. A Little Taste
06. Say Yeah
07. Fou You I Will (Dollie's Song)
08. Rumors
09. Any Way You Want It
10. Definition of Love (ft Sara Devine)
11. Slow Dance
12. What's On Your Mind Me Tonight Freddie Jackson Rar
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