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MOGALIREKULU SERIAL INDEX. Mogalirekulu 22-12-11 - Episode 1001 Mogalirekulu 21-12-11 - Episode 1000. Mogali rekulu episode 315. Watch & enjoy all the latest & previous episodes of Mogali Rekulu telugu daily serial in online on Serials Tube with HD quality. Don't miss to watch it. Watch Mogali Rekulu Serial online **Re telecast in Gemini TV** Latest Episode: E612 -Part1: Part2 - 20th July Latest Episode: E611 -Part1: Part2 - 19th J.

Mogali Rekulu
Created bySrikanth Entertainment Pvt. Ltd
Written byBindu Naidu
Directed byManjula Naidu
Likitha Kamini
Ravi varma
Theme music composerBunty
Opening themeMogali Rekulu
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Telugu
No. of episodes1,368
Producer(s)Sudhakar Pallamala
Shashank Pallamala
Camera setupBaba
Running time15-20 minutes
Original networkGemini TV
Original release18 February 2008 –
24 May 2013
Preceded byChakravakam (TV serial)
Followed bySravana Sameeralu

Mogalirekulu (Telugu: మొగలి రేకులు) is an IndianTelugu languagesoap opera which originally premiered on 18th February 2008 on Gemini TV and it ended on 24th May 2013. Due to the continuous support for the serial, over years, it has been re-telecasted in Gemini TV from 16th May 2016 at 1:30 Pm. Mogali Rekullu is directed by Manjula Naidu and written by Bindu Naidu.[1] Download matlab 5.3 software. It is one the Telugu longest running years highly popular serial in Gemini TV after Chakravakam (TV serial). [2] The show ran for Five years and Starred Sagar, Sheela, Indraneel and Medha in the lead Roles.[3][4][5][6]

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This is a revenge plot about Dharma, the eldest of five orphans, looks after the younger ones, Satya, Daya, Santhi and Keerthana, who also want to avenge their parents death. The story has a lot of twists, drama and touches upon social responsibilities too. The story also involves about the children of all those character.


The story begins with three young boys Dharma, Satya and Daya and their little sister, Shanti. Four of them are the victims of a family feud where their parents and grandmother are murdered by their step grandmother and uncles. They are joined by their neighbor's kid Keerthana, who is a victim of a mother's innocent passion for music. They decide to leave for Hyderabad but the things take twists and turns resulting the three brothers and Keerthana being in Hyderabad and their sister Santi, after separating from her brothers, living with her uncle and step grandmother.

Hero ACP RK Naidu (who is later the DGP, Mumbai) is a strict, dynamic and responsible IPS officer who marries Shanti after saving her from clutches of her uncle and granny. Dharma meets Selva swamy who indulges in illegal activities which brings the enmity between RK and Selva.

After knowing that Dharma is Santi's brother and many misunderstandings RK come to conclusion that Dharma being an honest friend and sensitive person is just helping his friend Selva in his activities and start adoring him. RK successfully puts the culprits of santi's parents behind the bars as promised to Dharma. A love triangle start confusion among Dharma, Keerthana and Selva (created by Selva's mother where she blackmailed Keerthana to marry Selva for saving Dharma) results in dire enmity of Selva for Dharma and RK where he plans a bomb blast to kill them and the results being death of Daya and Rk and Santi losing their son Mahidhar Naidu.

The serial is into second generation then having Munna (Mahidhar Naidu), the son of RK Naidu as the hero, who has been orphaned due to the bomb blast who is brought up in a criminal background by a don Sikandar Bhai. Munna falls in love with Devi who is the niece of Selva. Selva feels attached to her as she resemble Selva's wife Devi. Hence he decides to get her married to his elder son Eshwar. Due to some clashes in the business Munna and Eshwar get into heated arguments and fight. But Munna and Devi become friends and her marriage with Eshwar is called off when she reveals her true feelings for munna on the day before wedding, bothering her parents, Eshwar And his grandmother. Munna and Devi get married. Munna plots to attack DGP RK as a part of his criminal life but decides not to because of his good nature and later comes to know that RK is his father. Munna unable to face his father, hides his identity and changes his name to 'Mahidhar Naidu' and starts a health service called AHS to serve rural people and comes back to RK after protecting RK from a bomb blast. While he is away, Devi goes to stay with RK's family by hiding her identity saying that she needs protection till her husband Munna comes back. Meanwhile, RK comes to know that Munna aka Mahidhar is indeed their son Mahi through Selva swamy. RK's family accepts Devi as their daughter-in-law and Devi conceives. Story ends with the two families of RK & Selva uniting by getting Selva's sons married with Dharma and Satya's daughters and also they comes to know that Dharma is alive.


RK NaiduSagar
Munna/Mahidhar NaiduSagar
Selva SwamySelva raj & Ravi varma
Shankar Madhusudhan Rao
DeviLikitha kamini & Karuna Bhushan
Sikandar BhaiMukhtar
EshwarPavan sai
DurgaRavi Krishna
AliHari Krishna
Satya VardhanRajesh
Daya SagarPavitranath
ShivaVijay Bhargav
MahalakshmiY. Vijaya
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