Bac Cooling Tower Serial Number Age

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Serial Number Idm Gratis

BAC cooling tower information

BAC cooling tower information

Does anyone have access to an old Baltimaore Air Coil (BAC) selection guide (book) for a VS series cooling tower? I'm trying to recommission a 1974 vintage VST cooling tower and have been unable to track down performance data for it. The factory (so I've been told) scanned their old catalogs, then discarded them; however, the scanned performance charts I've gotten from them are unreadable.
Thank you in advance if you could find performance information for a BAC VST-325A (or similar) cooling tower.
I work for a company that is consulting for a facility with a few hundred Evaporative Condensers and we are trying to help them create a replacement timeline so they can budget accordingly. They have given us the Manufacturer, Model and Serial # of all of their towers however they do not have dates on when they were actually installed.
My question is, is there an easy way to determine what year a tower was built using its model and/or serial number? 90% of the towers are Recold with a few Evapco and Munters.
Manufacturer Model Serial
Recold JW85C JW-10012277-A1
Thank you.
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