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Dehumidifier Repair Help. If you need dehumidifier repair help and dehumidifier troubleshooting advice, just enter the model number in the search box below. When a dehumidifier does not have a pump, a reservoir will fill with water that is being removed from the air and it has to manually be emptied out. At this time, it has remained twice a day 60 pints. We live in Georgia, not the rain forest.

s damp climbing up your walls... and driving you up the wall? Few things make a home quite sounpleasant. Whether you have a damp problem with your building (rising or penetrating damp) or your moisture comes from cooking or drying laundry inside (condensation), the result can be a horrible mustysmell, mold growing on your walls (and on your clothes), anda greater risk of respiratory illness. It can take time to sortout a major damp problem so what do you do in the meantime? Onesolution is to invest in a dehumidifier: an electric gadget thatremoves moisture from the air. Let's take a closer look at how theywork!

Dehumidifier Air Conditioner Combo

Please read the following owner's manual before using this air conditioner. Keep this
manual along with your proof of purchase in a safe place for future reference.


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Summary of Contents for ForestAir 13-04596

  • Page 1 Please read the following owner’s manual before using this air conditioner. Keep this manual along with your proof of purchase in a safe place for future reference. OWNER’S MANUAL CASEMENT AIR CONDITIONER MODELS 13-04596/13-04597 © Copyright, Sunrise Tradex Corp., 2006 00220-17/12/06...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS USE ..............3 SAFETY NOTES............3 INSTALLATION Accessories and hardware ......4 Tools needed ..........4 Air conditioner diagram ........5 Unpacking the air conditioner......5 Electrical requirements ........5 Recommendations ..........5 Sliding window installation ......6-7-8 Casement window installation ......8 UNIT OPERATION Electronic control models LED display control panel ......
  • Page 3: Use

    WARNING Please read the following owner’s manual before using this air conditioner. This manual is not a contract and should be used as a reference guide only. We reserve the right to make technical changes at all times without prior notice. Thank you for purchasing this Casement Air Conditioner.
  • Page 4: Installation

    INSTALLATION ACCESSORIES PRODUCTS MAY DIFFER FROM THE LINE ARTS Before beginning to install, make sure to have close at hand all the tools you will need (listed below) and that all accessories and hardware parts provided with your air conditioner (as shown) are all included. 3/8'...
  • Page 5: Air Conditioner Diagram

    INSTALLATION UNIT DIAGRAM Air exchanger Control panel Enclosure Horizontal air vent Interior air outlet Vertical air vent Air filter (under the louvers) Interior air inlet grille Exterior air inlet Front panel LLUSTRATIONS MAY DIFFER FROM THE PRODUCTS UNPACKING THE AIR CONDITIONER •...
  • Page 6: Sliding Window Installation

    INSTALLATION Note : Installation instructions described in this guide are for standard type windows. Styles vary widely ; if necessary, modify accordingly to the type and size of your window, or have the unit installed by a skilled carpenter. LIDING INDOW NSTALLATION 7/16”...
  • Page 7 INSTALLATION Foam seal 8. • Cut two pieces of adhesive foam Top retainer seal to the height of the window opening. • Remove the backing and apply on Filler panel the inside edges of the vertical window sash frame (fig. C). Slider 9.
  • Page 8: Casement Window Installation

    INSTALLATION Drilled holes 3/8” screws Note : Speed clips • Make sure all seals and accessories are correctly fitted. • To eliminate air or insect intrusion, use the balance of the seal provided with your air conditioner to fill in any left opening not properly covered.
  • Page 9: Led Display Control Panel

    LED DISPLAY CONTROL PANEL Turns the air conditioner on or off. Press this button to choose one of the following modes : COOLING; FAN ONLY; ENERGY SAVING. A matching icon lights on when mode is selected. *Allow 3 minutes for operations to resume when switching to a new mode. Turns the timer on or off.
  • Page 10: Cooling

    UNIT OPERATION • Plug the unit into a grounded outlet. Do not use an extension cord nor an adapter plug. • Press the ON/OFF button to begin operation. • When turning your air conditioner off, always wait at least 3 minutes before turning it back on ;...
  • Page 11: Energy Saving

    UNIT OPERATION ENERGY SAVING MODE Based on set temperature, the fan cycles on and off along with the compressor. This mode will result in large variations of room temperature and humidity. It is recommended to use this mode when the room is unoccupied. 1.
  • Page 12: Remote Control

    REMOTE CONTROL NOTE : Remote control may differ from illustration. POWER : turns the unit on or off TIMER : to set timer on or off MODE : to set operation mode POWER SAVER : sets the unit in ENERGY SAVING mode AUTO : fan speed automatic mode HIGH : highest fan speed MID : medium fan speed...
  • Page 13: Mechanical Control Models

    MECHANICAL CONTROLS MODE CONTROL : Rotate the MODE control knob to turn the air conditioner on and set the COOLING SPEEDS or the FAN SPEEDS. Set the knob to OFF to turn the unit off. COOLING SPEEDS •HIGH COOL - For an automatic maximum and quick cooling on extremely hot days. Once room is cooled, change cooling setting to MED or LOW.
  • Page 14: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE Always turn off and unplug the unit before cleaning to avoid electrical shock. CLEANING THE FILTER The air filter is removable for easy cleaning. A clean filter helps to remove dust, lint and other particles from the air. A clean filter is also essential to maximize the cooling and operating efficiency of the air conditioner.
  • Page 15: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Before getting service, please check the following:: PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE SOLUTION Securely plug the power cord into the Is the unit plugged in? wall outlet. Re-establish the main power Is the main power supply on? supply. Unit does not operate Wait for power to restore.
  • Page 16: Air Conditioner Selection Guide

    AIR CONDITIONER SELECTION GUIDE NOTE : If room temperature is not within the unit working range, it may not work properly. data may vary from one model to another ; always refer to the rating label of the air conditioner. AIR CONDITIONER SELECTION GUIDE COOLING SURFACE CAPACITY (BTU/H)
  • Page 17: Warranty

    WARRANTY LIMITED WARRANTY This air conditioner is covered by a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship including the compressor, if used for the applications specified in this owner’s manual, for a period of two (2) YEARS from the date of original purchase in Canada. Note : The internal compressor is covered by a 5-YEAR limited warranty.
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