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Boleto Bancário is an available payment method for new advertisers who create an ad account set up for manual payments. With Boleto Bancário, you'll create a boleto to add money to your ad account's prepaid balance before your ads show. Then, we'll deduct from that amount up to once a day as you run ads.

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Maytag centennial commercial technology dryer parts. Keep in mind that if you choose Boleto Bancário as the payment method for your ad account, you won't be able to switch payment methods later. Boleto will be how you pay for all your ads.

Steps to create a new boleto

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Once you've created your ad account and chosen Boleto Bancário as your payment method, you can create new boletos whenever you want to add more money to your ad account, if you lost a previous boleto or if your boleto expired before you could pay it. Lost or unpaid boletos won't affect your ad account, and you won't be charged for them. Ancient greek gods and lore revisited pdf.

To create a new boleto:

  1. Go to your Payment Settings.
  2. Click Add Money.
  3. Choose Boleto Bancário, fill in your information and then click Continue.
  4. Follow the rest of the instructions for creating your boleto.

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Download matlab 5.3 software 2010 free. A new Boleto Bancário account number and receipt from our system will be automatically created. Note that you're not able to add your own Boleto Bancário account number as a payment method.

Where can I pay my boleto?


You can pay your boleto through your bank (online or in person) or at select retail outlets. Because a boleto can expire, we recommend paying it the day you download it or scheduling a payment with your bank or payment provider. Keep in mind that you may notice a processing delay after making a purchase.

Why don't I see the option to use Boleto Bancário?

Boleto Bancário is only available for new advertisers or advertisers who chose it when they first set up their account. If you already advertise on Facebook and currently use PayPal, a credit card or a debit card to pay for ads, you won't see an option to use Boleto Bancário. If you'd like to start using Boleto Bancário as your payment method, we suggest you follow the steps for deactivating your ad account and then open a new manual ad account.

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