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Jar module directly- all the NEW VERSION v1 0. 6 use the Keygen for libs. Jar Jun 7, 2010. To run a JAR file from the command line in ubuntu using the following command: java-jar filename. Run a JAR from Anywhere. By: Vlad Patryshev. So here it is, a very small program that can run JARs, like this.

Software / DAW

New and fresh DAW application from Bitwig Studio. Working with Win/Mac/Linux. Amazing new soft combining all the best from all other digital audio workstations like Ableton Live, Cubase and many more. This peace of software is really worth trying. So head down for free download button immediately and get fully working app with keygen.

Bitwig Studio is really a vibrant software solution with regard to music development and effectiveness to realize all of your musical ideas in every stage of production.

By sound design in order to music development, obtain the fresh typical in customized workflow. Bitwig Studio room creates one to consider greater command of the shows, supplying you with entry to every aspect of the workflow while essential. Improve your current innovative practice and quickly consider your current music via tricks to full songs, songs and compositions. Along with Bitwig Studio room, you’re in control of your workflow in which is ideal for you.

History and prepare, improvise and perform, as well as get it done at the same time. Choose between several display pages. Pattern your personal appears with devoted package gadgets. Incorporate built-in equipment, results, and VST plug-ins. Bitwig Studio’s one mapping program lets you modulate virtually any unit as well as VST parameter using macro adjustments and modulator gadgets.


Check out a fresh globe of innovative possibilities, which includes audio and be aware movement, histogram-based benefit touch-ups, split touch-ups, substantial bounce-in-place features, programmed slicing, sensible controller integration, plus the Start Controller Scripting API. Just about every feature in Bitwig Studio room was developed simply by artists, with regard to artists. Encouraged to another location creation of music development and effectiveness software package with regard to windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Does this plugin/software work?


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(If your download doesn’t work, try downloading it from another mirror)

You can get password to the downloaded archive here:

[ ]

or try mirror#1; mirror#2

Install Bitwig 1.0.8


1. Update Java Install latest from
2. Open “keygen.jar”
3. Locate the “libs.jar” by clicking show Package Contents on the ‘Bitwig’ /Applications/Bitwig
4. Copy that “libs.jar” file to the desktop
5. Go back the Installer folder and run the Keygen. It’s in Java format so it’s the “keygen.jar” file
6. Once it’s open click “1) Patch bin/libs.jar”
7. Locate the “libs.jar” file that we have previously copied to the desktop for easy location
8. Once you located the file hit Save. Go back to the Desktop and copy back that new patched “libs.jar” file to the same location we grabbed it from” /Applications/Bitwig
9. Overwrite the file
10. Run Bitwig. Activate Offline. Save registration request file to the desktop
11. Go back to the Keygen and select “3) Select Registration Request” and locate the registration request file that you previously saved to the desktop
12. Pick a Username and Full Name for your registration then click “4) Generate Registration Response” and save it to the Desktop again for simplicity
13. Go back to Bitwig and select that Registration Response File
14. DONE
15. I didn’t block it with Little Snitch because it needs to download some files from the web but I’ll keep you updated if you should. For now don’t block it with Little Snitch


1. Install bitwig-studio-1.0.8.deb (installs through Ubuntu Software after you double click on it)
2. Extract bitwig-studio-1.0.8.deb to desktop -Use Java to open the keygen.jar
3. Click on patch bin/libs.jar then locate libs.jar (Home/Desktop/bitwig-studio-1.0.8/opt/bitwig-studio/bin)
4. after you locate the libs.jar select it -open bitwig-studio (Desktop/bitwig-studio-1.0.8/opt/bitwig-studio)
5. click on “activate offline” -save the registration request file anywhere
6. on the bitwig keygen guide click select registration Request, then find the file you just saved ( the registration request file) and double click it.
7. on the Bitwig Keygen the step 4 generate registration Response should now be highlighted, click on it.
8. Now choose the registration response file in bitwig and it should activate. –


download/install a java runtime environment (if u don’t have) :

add admin permission to the c:Program FilesJavajre7binjavaw.exe
open the keygen.jar with it (c:Program FilesJavajre7binjavaw.exe), and follow the instructions (u can also check the filesize of the affected .jar file, C:Program Files (x86)Bitwig Studio 1.0.8binlibs.jar if it is changed the patching was ok)

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I am using Intellij IDEA 12.0.4 on MAC OS X 10.8.3 to create a jar file.

I go to File -> Project Structure -> Artifacts -> + -> Jar -> From modules with dependencies -> Selected Main Class after browsing -> selected extract to the target jar -> Directory for META-INF automatically gets populated -> OK -> Apply -> OK -> Build -> Build Artifacts -> Build

Now If I try to run jar using:

I get this error

no main manifest attribute, in path_to_jar/jar_file
$ java -version
java version '1.7.0_17'
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_17-b02)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 23.7-b01, mixed mode)

Any pointers, what I am doing wrong?


4 Answers

To fix this issue do two things:

move META-INF in to src/main/resources

then: file-> open module settings

choose artifacts, remove your current one and create a new one, but this time, instead of choosing 'extract to the target jar', choose 'copy to the output directory and link via manifest'

for the path to META-INF, put the path of the resources dir above that you copied META-INF in to..

now build your artifact

im terminal, go to dir where jars have been produced and to run do:

java -jar yourjarfile.jar

have fun


In my case, it was because IntelliJ was extracting all the dependencies into the output jar, which ended up overwriting the /META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file with something from one of my included dependencies.

I had to open up the jar and copy in the real MANIFEST.MF from the location indicated in the 'Manifest File' property that is automatically set in that artifacts page under Project Structure'.


You need to choose the 'main' class for your jar in order to make it executable (i.e. you should point in IDEA on the class which contains public static void main(String[] args)

Shmil The CatShmil The Cat

In my case, I choose File -> Project Structure -> Artifacts -> + -> Jar -> From modules with dependencies -> Selected Main Class after browsing -> copy to the output directoryand link via manifest(extract to the target Jar not working for me) -> Select your project resources folder after browsing for /META-INF/MANIFEST.MF-> OK -> Apply -> OK -> Build -> Build Artifacts -> Build

My Idea version is IntelliJ IDEA 2018.2 (Ultimate version) I read from here. It works for me.

Chong LiuChong Liu

Run Keygen On Windows

Run keygen in terminal

Need For Speed The Run Keygen

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