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Aug 11, 2018 - Ham Radio Deluxe 5.24.38. All versions. Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) is an integrated suite of software products for. DOWNLOAD 92.5 MB. Ham radio deluxe 5.24.38 free download - Ham Radio Podcasts Deluxe, Ham Radio, Ham University, and many more programs.

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DigiMAX - Interface para modos digitales

Hrd Version 5.24.38 Free Download

(por SM2YER) (traducido por CX8ABF)

Interface SONIDO / PTT / CI-V Level Rig2pc para modos digitales,
con las siguientes funciones:

  • Audio - Aislamiento galvánico entre la Soundcard el equipo usando transformadores.
  • PTT - Aislamiento usando un optoacoplador tipo 4N33.
  • CI-V level - Interface de control del transceptor usando un integrado 'MAX232'.

- Front panel -
DigiMAX - Revision 2007.05.19 Changed pcb layout, it's now a little smaller to fit into the new box.
Also got a 'power led' and a new 'Front' panel layout. The PCB Layout files is updated to rev. 2007.05.19
- Making the DigiMAX interface -
Here is a complete description of the interface, with schematics, PCB-Layout and component list.
ready for you to use free of charge!
Closeup of DigiMAX PCB component side. rev. 2007.05.19
Closeup of BCB component side. rev. 2007.05.19
- Schematics / Components -
Interface Schematics. (OLD VERSION)

5.24.38Hrd Version 5.24.38 Download

Hrd Version 5.24.38 Download

Hrd Version 5.24.38 Download

High resolution Audio/PTT/CI-V PCB layout (In 539Kb 600x600dpi .jpg file)
(Ready to print on 115x65mm board)
In addition there is also a layout for a 'PC-Sound to RIG interface only' available on the 'Old page' if the CI-V part's not needed
You can read more about making your own printed circuit boards -->Here!
- Component placement -
This is the PCB with the corrected layout with C6 and C8 in the correct places. (PLED is missing in this drawing. Refere to images of component side for component placement)
Component side of PCB with component placement (OLD VERSION)
Component placement - High resulotion (330K .pdf file)
- Internal wire hookup -
Drawing of the internal wire hookup to transceiver (TRCV) and PC
Internal wire hookup (OLD VERSION)

DF4OR Ekki's exelent page about making a CI-V interface
K4ABT Buck's disassembly of the 'RASCAL' SoundCard interface
HB9DRV Simon, author of the 'HamRadio Deluxe' software @
Ham radio software i currently use. --> Read more!
Building a silent computer for my radio shack. --> Read more!
©1999-2006 SM2YER Goran

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