American Tourister International Converter Set Instructions

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Buy the Samsonite Converter/Adapter Plug Kit w/pouch at eBags - Make international travel a little bit easier with this portable converter and adapter set from Sams.

Protege International Converter Set

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May 2, 2009, 1:51 PM

I guys, well after all the reading and researching I just realized I didn't ask anyone about the required adaptor or converter for hair dryer, and curling iron? I am not taking my laptop so I dont need to be concerned there.. butttttt.. I have read many sites and have received different answers.. some say u need both, some say u only need one, some say you don't need any as most new resorts have the right plugs, and voltage. Is there someone out there who has been to the Royal and KNOWS FOR SURE WHAT I NEED TO BUY? SOMEONE PREF IN CANADA who can tell me where to get it too? There are 4 of us going so I don't want to buy the wrong things, as I will need to buy 2 of each.. PLUS WE ARE WOMEN AND OUR HAIR MEANS EVERYTHING HAHA.. THIS IS #1 PRIOIRTY!!!!!!!! HELPPPPPPPPPPP AS WE LEAVE LATE TONITE AND NEED TO GO BUY THIS LAST ITEM...


Karen :) (very very excited)

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