Abaqus Welding Interface Cracked

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ABAQUS Welding Interface - Minimum Temperature less than Predefined Field


Abaqus Welding Interface Crack

ABAQUS Welding Interface - Minimum Temperature less than Predefined Field

I am using the ABAQUS Welding Interface. When I run the analysis, as the weld is deposited, the elements heat up to prescribed 1500degC, however close to the heat application, some elements go down to -140 degC. Over the entire analysis, the -140 degC increases and at the end of the analysis reaches 21degC. Similarly heated elements start at 1500degC and reach 21degC at the end as prescribed. The heat transfer through the body is definitely affected by the -140degC.
All predefined fields are set to 21.1 degC including initial base temperature. Temperature dependent properties, constants, etc are all dimensionally consistent.
Could it be the mesh is not fine enough? See attached.
UPDATE: I removed all temp dependent properties as a test and still has a similar result with elements dropping below the pre-defined field.
UPDATE 2: I noticed my temp dependent properties went up to 1400 degC but temp application of 1500 degC. I applied temp of 1400deg C but still same results with elements dropping below pre-defined temperature field.
Abaqus Welding Interface Cracked

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