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Reggae Night / Happy Children / Andamento Lento / Kalimba De Luna / What's Love / Chery Chery Lady / You're My Heart / Sei un mito / Easy Lady / Vamos a La Playa / No Tengo Dinero / Radio Killing on the Radio Star / Face to Face (Mix Ottanta)

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Dr Richard Bandler is a hypnotist, musician and the source of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning (NHR) and Design Human Engineering (DHE). His CDs are hypnotic journeys designed to teach and entertain.

Top Tracks

RankPlayLovedTrack nameBuyOptionsListeners
1 Overcoming Shyness (35 min) 60 listeners
2 Designing Your Destiny 45 listeners
3 Motivation 41 listeners
4 Your Own Personal Genius CD 1 40 listeners
5 Wealth Planning 33 listeners
6 1 of 6 33 listeners
7 1 of 2 28 listeners
8 Bandler Skill Of Conversation 27 listeners
9 Get The Life You Want 27 listeners
10 Passion For Life 24 listeners

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Richard Bandler Mp3 Free Download
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