Download Software Milestone Shooting Collection 2 Wii

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  1. Milestone Shooting Collection 2

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Sublime shmup compilation with Radirgy, Radirgy Noa, Illvelo, Karasu and Chaos Field crammed onto the disk. Milestone once again show off their penchant for pyrotechnics in this homage to triple A, golden disk shmups with a kick ass soundtrack. Adrenalin soaked tight squeezes are common place as your eyes move in different directions to try and keep track of the barrage of bullets heading your ships way.
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Game Type:Shoot Em Up
Download Software Milestone Shooting Collection 2 Wii

Milestone Shooting Collection 2 has everything a shooter wants. It contains: Radirgy, Radirgy Noa, Chaos Field, Karous and Ilvero, almost all of the remarkable titles the studio has created.Each of them feature a unique world full of bullets and captivating systems. Title: Milestone Shooting Collection 2 [マイルストーンシューティングコレクション2] [JPN] [WII] [ISO] [Download] Japanese Title: マイルストーンシューティングコレクション2.

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Second hand. A couple of slight disk scratches. Couple of very slight manual cover impressions. Front cover sun fade.

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Milestone Shooting Collection 2 is a Shooter game developed by MileStone for the Wii video game console. There are no screenshots available yet for Milestone Shooting Collection 2. Watch this space for updates!

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Milestone Shooting Collection 2

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