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Learn how to remove Far Cry 4 from your computer. Extreme Injector v3.exe (by master131) - Extreme Injector; Far.Cry4.ULC.Unlocker-SKIDROW.exe.


Far Cry 4 - Fix black screen issue on dual/triple/quad core CPUs and optimize performance

Alright so most of you will be familiar with the new fix for dual core that has surfaced, and it works great. For those who don't know, here you go: https://kickass.so/far-cry-4-dual-core-fixer-unlocker-t9894528.html Now the problem is that if you have a triple or quad core CPU and you get black screen (although highly unlikely on quad cores) and the above fix seems to start the game, the game will only utilize the first 2 cores out of your 3/4 cores.

To fix this, follow these steps:

  1. Start the game with the injector as instructed with the fix (go to above link)

Now if you monitor using MSI Afterburner you'll see only 2 cores are loaded up, rest are idle.

3. Alt + Tab out of the game. Move dualcore.dll from the 'bin' folder to somewhere else

Remember to cut not copy, there should be no dualcore.dll in 'bin' folder.


4. Run Extreme Injector v3.exe 5. Go to settings 6. In the bottom right, click on 'View Process Information' under Tools. A window will open which will show all the processes loaded by Far Cry. 7. Scroll down till you find dualcore.dll. Select it and press the unload button in the bottom right.

Now that the dll is unloaded, the game can load up all cores available. But it won't do it yet.

8. Open Task Manager 9. Go to details (for Windows 8/8.1/10) 10. Right click farcry4.exe and select affinity 11. Deselect core 0 and core 1. Click OK. Wait for a couple of seconds. 12. Right click farcry4.exe and select affinity again. This time select all cores and click OK.

And that's about it. You can monitor in-game that all cores are being utilized. I know it's quite a lengthy process, but well it's that or buy a new PC.

Extreme Injector V3.3 Mediafire

On a side note, the game performs surprisingly well. I'm running an AMD Phenom X3 8750B, 4GB, and a GTX 650 1GB OC'ed to 1.25 GHz, and at 1440x900 (my native res), all settings high, shadows and post fx low, fur on, foliage on, I get a solid 30-45 fps. And in extremely demanding situations, it drops to as low as 20-25 fps but never below that. After Watchdogs and AC Unity, I wasn't expecting to run this game at all, let alone at a playable frame rate.

And I know my CPU is a bottleneck, all three cores stay at 85-100% at all times and sometimes even my GPU usage falls due to CPU bottlenecking, but heck, I ain't even mad, it's amazing I'm getting a playable experience at high settings. Bolt the movie online.

I hope I've helped you in some way. Have fun in Kyrat!

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