Intel Hd Graphics 2000 Hackintosh Mavericks

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Feb 17, 2012
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Intel Hd Graphics 2000 Review

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Intel Hd Graphics 2000 Hackintosh Mavericks

Integrated Intel Hd Graphics 2000

I read a lot about Intel HD2000 graphics. Some say it works, apart from a broken HDMI-Audio, which I don't need. Others say, you need Lion.
Okay, here is my setup:
Intel Pentium G620T
Internal Graphics (HD2000)
SL Works completely, including audio, sound, USB3, etc. Only the graphics fail. (Low-Resolution) Now I read that I need to update to Lion.
Okay, but after the SL10.6.8 update, my screen is gone. There is just no signal. I guess that the screen is outputted via the DVI-port, but my monitor does only have VGA.
Does anyone know how to deal with this situation?
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