Electrolux Time Manager 6.5kg Manual

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Electrolux EWF1083 Lifestyle System has been discontinued by Electrolux.

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worst money ever spent

I cannot emphasise enough how unhappy we have been with this washing machine. It required its motherboard to be replaced within a year of purchase and has been problematic ever since. Fast track a few years to now, most of the cycles either don't work or stop with an error message continually. A one hour load takes up to 3 hours with constant stopping and restarting. The ring seal around the door has cracked and leaks. I am counting down the days to when I can dispose of this lemon forever. Needless to say, I will never buy Electrolux again and have actively avoided this brand on all electrical purchases thanks to my experience with this washing machine.

Purchased in May 2013 at Appliances Online for $700.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning &Maintenance
Noise Level


Love our washing machine

We love this washing machine, we have had it for nine years now (over 5 house moves) and still going strong. We had to get it repaired once but the company that did it were amazing and it was inexpensive. I do 2-3 loads of washing most days (too many kids!) and it lives up to the challenge without a doubt! So many excellent features. will definitely buy the same brand if we need to replace this one in the future

Kathryn T

Not a long life

This machine is only 6 years old and is having issues! An hour load takes nearly 2 hours as it keeps coming up with an E10 error message and I have to keep pressing start!!! Definitely did NOT agent my monies worth from this machine! Would NOT recommend to anyone


Good to see it's been discontinued

So disappointing to see this machine survive only 6 years of use - similar issues as other reviewers have mentioned - pause problems (fixed about 2 years ago), motherboard burnt out, need to spend the price of a new machine to fully repair it. Followed the technician's advice and have replaced it. Certainly not Electrolux again though. (Very happy with my Bosch dishwasher so I'm going with a Bosch w/m also - wish me luck.)


No problems in 6 years!

This machine has always worked well. No problems at all. You can always fiddle with the settings to get a quicker wash but front loaders will always have longer cycle times anyway. I recently gave this one to me partner for her house and bought another electrolux which has a few nicer features.

Second hand these represent great value for money.


Main computer board died

I have loved this machine. But 2 months after the extended warranty I bought at purchase expired, the main board has died. The cost of the repair + labour $340.00. The technician who looked at the machine also told me the motors brushes have worn and I probably have only have 1 maybe 2 years life left on the motor. Childish gambino because the internet album zip. Very disappointing. This machine was expensive to purchase initially and I thought it would last a lot longer.


machine keeps pausing

I have not had any issues with my machine however, recently I have noticed that it will pause itself and after hours of being out the machine is still at the same place. When i press the pause button it starts again. I have also noticed that sometimes if the machine only has a few items it wont spin. Anyone else had this issue?


Electrolux Time Manager 6.5 Kg Manual

Poor Life Span

We had the EWF1083 washer for only 6 years & had already had problems with the electronics panel 12 months prior to its failure. Whatsapp para pc gratis como descargar e instalar google sites. Everything was working fine except on/off/pause button - so easy fix?? Electrolux technician advised not so & a full mother board would need to be replaced = $300+. He also advised that the washing spindle was worn & would only last another 12 months anyway. $145 for the pleasure of this call out advice. Strange as the washer has had only normal use for a small family of 3!! Evidently problems with the electronics embedded in this model! AVOID!!


Short life span

I bought this machine as it was very highly rated by Choice magazine. Guess lifespan can't be included in tests. Machine was fine until it died after 6 years - and having read other reviews will just by another machine (different brand) & not waste time & money with repair. Disappointed.


Electrolux Time Manager 8Kg Life style wash system

I purchased this washing machine on 12th February 2012 with an extended warranty of 3 years. January 2017 for two days machine stopped working later it works fine. From the end of February, it stops working again. Some days works fine and other days works 30-40 minutes and stops; showing on display the actual time we have set. Once it stops none of the program options works including drain and spin. Guys, I am an another victim of Electrolux. My extended warranty expired on 12th February 2017.


main power board gone and less than 6yrs old, light use.

We weren't in the country six years ago and it was bought new when we arrived. Light use. I liked the dryness of the clothes. Now it won't turn on. With the call out fee to diagnose and the repair quote it will have cost us $460 to repair the thing. And then what will go wrong??


Control board failure - systemic fault?

Our EWF1083 washing machine failed recently. The machine has been reliable but at 7 years old it was not a straight forward decision as to whether to get it repaired. I rolled the dice and got the service technician out. Verdict - control board failure, cost to repair $300 including call out. I see from the other reviews that there are a high number of control board failures on this model, hence this would appear to be a systemic fault resulting from a design or manufacturing error.


Door handle broken

Hi has anyone else had a problem with the plastic door handle breaking off? It broke where the plastic mechanism joins the door handle. Am worried we may have to replace the whole door. The machine is not that old. I couldn't get my clothes out. Doesn't seem very good idea to have a door and mechanism made of plastic on an item that gets a lot of use.


Good washer.. but disappointingly short life span

The Electrolux was a good washer while it worked - I was very happy with it. Clothes washed well and weren't damaged. Then after only 6 years and 5 months service it broke down and repairs cost more than the machine is worth. Apparently both the control board and motor needed replacing. Now its landfill.


Expensive throw-away machine

This machine was a wonderful machine until it died last week after only 5 years light use (only 2 in our family). Control board has died. Same as everyone else - Electrolux couldn't come for 10 days. When we paid the local guy to come he found the main bearing was stuffed too - ie machine not worth repairing. My last Electrolux lasted 19 years. This junk will now be dumped. Never again, after rubbish vacuum cleaners too and terrible customer service there too.

Hi Will,Leslie from Electrolux here.We are sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with your Electrolux EWF1083. If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact me at customercare@electrolux.com.au attention Leslie.ThanksLeslieHi LeslieNo, I am not remotely interested in contacting you. Experience has taught me you are not the slightest bit interested. Do you have anything concrete to offer?


Suddenly not working after 5 years, 11 months

Like many of the other reviewers, it appears our washing machine's fuse board needs replacing after 5 years, 11 months because suddenly our washing machine is dead, no power at all - very timely given the extended warranty has now lapsed. I chose Electrolux Brand expecting better quality than this and have contacted Electrolux customer care. Over the years we have had minor issues with our machine that were repaired under warranty but nothing major until now.


Very reliable - 7 years and counting

I got this washing machine seven years ago and it's still going. It Cleans well.

Just recently, the gasket needed to be replaced but that's a minor thing. It was the only hiccup it's had since we bought it. After that got sorted, it continued working just fine.

Overall, a very realiable washing machine.


Typical powerboard problem

I've had the machine for 5 and a half years. It works fine and washed well although lately my partner complains it isn't washing exercise gear very well, ie the smell isn't completely out of the clothes and they have to be rewashed. About a year ago the machine stopped working for about 7 days. There was power to the machine but the machine just wouldn't turn on. Mysteriously after the 7 days the machine came on again and has worked fine until now. Same thing as last year, power to the machine but machine not powering on. Called Electrolux and the best they could do was $140 call out fee for an apt in 10 days. Who can go that long without a WM? Called a repair guy, came the next day. $110 call out fee and in 10 mins he said it was the powerboard. What a coincidence, other reviewers here have the same issue, power board goes after 5 or 6 years. Quote is $255 for new board and $50 to fit. I'm giving it a go and will report back with the result. Should be fixed Friday. Like others I wont be buying electrolux again. This is obviously a faulty part, which they seem to be aware of because they check these forums.
It's interesting to note that Electrolux ask some people to contact them but not others.

Update: Paid for the repair. Took the guy about 30 mins. Total charge $310. The Washing Machine is now working fine. Let's hope it continues.


All good for 6 years and then died!!

Electrolux Time Manager 6.5kg Manual

I bought this washing mashine in 2010 and it was working fine for 6 years till it died!!! It turns on, I can select a program, it starts, and after 2 min it buzzes that it has finished!!!!
Checked the filters and everything all good.
Called customer service and they told me that It costs 145$ for technician plus any parts!!!
So I'm just gonna throw this out and buy something new!!!


You get what you pay for

I had a Bosch front loading machine that lasted about 6 years and the power board burnt out. Repair man said don't bother fixing. So I replaced it in 2010 with a new EWF 1083 electrolux front loader. After 3 years the Drum spring supports on one side broke through the aluminium framing, causing the motor to dent the back of the machine. I 'rebridged' both sides' spring supports with long steel nails. Other problems included the door latch having to be replaced and also a belt. A stuck coin resulted in it being completely dismantled to free the drum. Despite using fabric softener, towels were always hard. I nearly got 5 years use from it before it stopped working. So I dragged my son's older Electolux EWF 1495 front loader out from under the shed [ he had used it for 6 months before a relationship went sour] and managed to get about 15 months use from it before it too stopped - on Tuesday [14/6/2016] - actually it wouldn't start. Only the door indicator light would come on. On Wednesday I bought and Asko. The moral of the story is you get what you pay for. I expect 8 years plus from the Asko.

Questions & Answers

Hi, I have an EWF 1083. How can I disable the constant beeping when the wash cycle finished.
Hi. My ewf1083 front washer doesn't take all the detergent at each wash. I don't use lots of powder but still leaves at least half still in dispenser. Have cleaned dispenser out but still happening.. whats wrong please? Anne.S.
I have a Electrolux EFW 1083 it’s been louder than usual on spin cycle sounding like bearing issue and today my wife did a load and found shredded plastic through our clothes. Is it possible to fix ? If so what are we approximately looking at $$ to fix or is it time to replace ?
EWF1083 Lifestyle System
Capacity8 kg
Energy Rating4 star(s)
Water Rating4.5 star(s)
HouseholdSize3-4 people
Colour / Finish White
Dimensions850 x 600 x 630 mm
Max SpinSpeed1,000 rpm
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)
Release dateNov 2008

Investing in a New Washing Machine

Used day-in day-out, month after month, year after year, the washing machine is easily one of the most important appliances in the house. Which is why, when it’s time for an upgrade, choosing a replacement can be pretty stressful indeed. Washing machines need to be durable, lasting years, if not decades, if the right model is chosen. They also need to be tough enough to withstand wear and tear from hundreds of washes each year, while also offering the functionality to deal with various types of washes. There is certainly a lot to think about before making this – usually quite expensive – purchase.

Choosing a Washing Machine

One of the first things to think about when choosing a washing machine is how it will be used. Traditional washing machines sit side-by-side with dryers, but there are washer-dryer combinations to choose from as well. For buyers who opt for the traditional washing machine, there is the front loader or top loader to consider. A top loader can be cheaper to buy, with fewer breakdowns and repairs. It can also offer faster normal wash cycles, and is easier to add to once a cycle has started. However, a top loader can be harsher on clothes, while using more water, more detergent and more energy on warm and hot washes.

On the other hand, a front loader is gentler on clothes, saving money by using less water, detergent and energy to run it. But, whether choosing a top loader or a front loader, there are some general features to look for. Think about capacity (the load size it offers), about timing (the length of washing cycles), about size (how much space it will take up), and about how noisy it is. Look at star ratings and ease-of-use, functionality and features, by comparing all the options right here. One big decision made easy with eBay!

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