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After I installed BioShock and attempted to play the game, a window popped up on the screen that said...

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'This software must be activated prior to usage. For activation a SERIAL NUMBER is essential. If you have already received your SERIAL NUMBER press NEXT to proceed...'

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Bioshock 1 Pc NumГ©ro De Serie CrackNumero de serie laptop

I enter in the serial number, the game loads up and I proceed to play and have fun. For some unknown reason, however, whenever I exit out of the game and try to play it again, that same exact message comes back up on the screen and I have to re-enter the serial number each time I want to get in a gaming session.

Now, I'm usually an absolute jenius about these things, but this time I just don't know why the game keeps constantly asking me for the serial number. Does the game suffer from short-term memory loss or something?

Thanks in advance.

This entry was posted on 4/25/2019.