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  1. Adt Safewatch Pro 3000 Add User Code

Full Name Email Phone Number Zip Code I am an ADT customer Get a FREE Quote. Cadillacs and dinosaurs rom mame chdu. System Manuals & User Guides. Safewatch ® Pro 3000 / Entrepreneur 3000. ADT Safewatch Pro 3000 Vista Control Panel is also known as the Vista 20P Honeywell Control Panel. It also has up to 48 zones of protection, Internet uploading/downloading, graphic keypad support, and dual partitions.

To Assign, Change, or

Adt Safewatch Pro 3000 Add User Code

It is recommended that
1-1-1-1 or 1-2-3-4 not be
Temporary users should
any system function that
(e.g., how to bypass

Duress Code


At the time of installation, your installer programmed a personal four-digit Master code,
known only to you and yours. This code is used to perform most system functions,
including arming and disarming of the system. As an additional safety feature, temporary
User Codes can be assigned for use by those not having a need to know the Master
code. Note: The Master code remains in effect even when other user codes are assigned.
IMPORTANT! When performing any of the procedures that follow, do not
allow more than 10 seconds to elapse between steps, otherwise the entry
will be aborted, and the procedure must be repeated from its beginning.
The Master security code can be used to assign up to 5 secondary User codes. It can also
be used to change any User code or to remove (delete) any User code from the system.
1. Enter your Master code and press the CODE [8] key.
2. Enter the single-digit User Number for whom a code is to be assigned or
3. Enter the desired 4-digit code for use by that User Number. The touchpad will
beep once when a User code has been successfully entered.
Example: To assign a User code to user number 3, key the following:
Perform steps 1 and 2 above and then stop. In a few moments, the touchpad will beep
once, indicating that the existing code has been deleted.
This feature is intended for use when you are forced to disarm or arm the system under
threat. When used, the system will act normally, but can silently notify the Customer Care
Center of your situation, if that service has been provided.
The Duress code may be any unused 4-digit code assigned to User Number 8.
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